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CUSTOM CUBICLES Dummy TextDummy Text Dummy TextDummy Text Dummy TextAlloy Privacy Indicator Dummy TextDummy Text ARCS Treat yourself with the ambiance which is simple yet stylish. Now exhibit your elegance with our exciting range of Designer Restroom Cubicles especially built for providing durability and meeting the aesthetic requirements. Arcs Restroom Cubicles are made available with stainless steel hardware and accessories which not only amplify their aesthetic but also lend them sturdiness and longevity. Designer Doors Partitions Alloy Privacy Indicator Alloy Privacy Thumb turn Stainless Steel Shoe Box Up 28 29

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CLASSIQUE A commendable assortment of restroom cubicle collection Classique comes with an eternal classiness of stainless steel and aluminum hardware to give an ideal combination of innovation with durability. Thus the Classique series is specially formulated to meet various design needs and can be further classified by: • Different hardware fittings like the standard adjustable foot shoe box or top rail arrangements Combination of different materials use such as aluminum and stainless steel Thickness of Compact Laminate-12 mm and 18 mm Now give your restrooms an admiring look with an extraordinary range available in six unique styles Floater Wings Evergreen Invincible Grandeur Versatile 36 37

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WINGS Add classic wings to your restrooms Innovation with simplicity and splendor Greenlam Sturdo presents you Classique Wings a sparkling new assortment of restroom cubicles. Planned under the blueprints of aesthetics this ceiling hung model has been designed to further enhance the beauty of your washrooms while creating desirable spaces. Its unique shape and profile provide ample space to wipe the floors easily and without any hassles. So introduce these exclusive masterworks to your rest rooms and enrich your creations the contemporary and classic way. CLASSIQUE Stainless Steel Gravity Hinges Alloy Privacy Indicator Stainless Steel Shoe Box Up Stainless Steel Coat Hook cum Door Stopper 42 43

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PILASTER WALL DOOR HARDWARE FIXING DETAILS EU-ENCLOSED UNIT CU-CORNER UNIT HARDWARE DETAILING Each restroom cubicle is equipped with the following set of hardware fittings: The adjustable foot that supports the pilasters is made from stainless steel Grade 304 and its base is anchored to the floor with nylon plug fixed into ground with stainless steel screws. There is a ground clearance of 150 mm. Aluminum U-channels are used to attach with the divider panels to the wall as well as the mid panel with stainless steel Grade 304 screw inserts. Aluminum top rail coated in stainless steel colour is used to fix the pilasters at the top. Doors are incorporated with the noise deafening tape to reduce the noise effect. All other fittings like hinges coat hook adjustable foot and lock set/latch indicator is manufactured in stainless steel CLASSIQUE-VERSATILE CLASSIQUE-VERSATILE DIMENSION DETAILING 1000 1500 1500 1750 600 900 1785 1785 150 150 Standard Dimensions General Physically mm Challenged mm Width of cubicle Depth of cubicle Height of entire cubicle Width of door Height of door Ground clearance FRONT VIEW EU TOP VIEW EU 600 1500 mm DIVIDER 3000 1000 1000 1000 200 400 600 400 600 200 TOP VIEW CU 600 1500 mm DIVIDER 3000 1000 1000 1000 200 400 600 400 600 200 OPENING OPENING OPENING 1995 1785 150 1000 FRONT VIEW CU OPENING OPENING OPENING 1995 1785 150 1000 ALUMINUM U/F CHANNEL STAINLESS STEEL GRAVITY HINGE ALUMINUM TOP RAIL STAINLESS STEEL ADJUSTABLE FOOT STAINLESS STEEL DOOR KNOB POLYAMIDE TOP RAIL END CAP ALUMINIUM DOOR STOPPER CHANNEL 60 61 U UMIN MINIUM IUM DO DOOR OR C CHAN HANNEL NEL

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