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Introduction to Retail : 

8/6/2010 Swapna Pradhan 1 Introduction to Retail Chapter 1

Objectives : 

8/6/2010 Swapna Pradhan 2 Objectives Defining retail The functions of a retailer The marketing – retail equation The significance of retail as an industry The new role of the retailer The global retail scenario Key issues facing global retailers Retail as a career

What is retail? : 

8/6/2010 Swapna Pradhan 3 What is retail? Retail – derived from the French word “retaillier”, which means to break bulk. Retailing is the last stage in the movement of goods and services to the consumer. Retail therefore consists of all activities involved in the marketing of goods and services directly to the consumers for their personal, family or household use.

Slide 4: 

8/6/2010 Swapna Pradhan 4 Retailing It includes all the activities involved in selling goods or services to the final consumers for personal, non-business use. Retailer A retailer is a business that sells products and/or services to consumers for their personal or family use.

Functions of a Retailer : 

8/6/2010 Swapna Pradhan 5 Functions of a Retailer Providing an assortment of goods and services Breaking bulk Time utility Place utility (Convenient location) Providing services (offer credit, display the product, salesperson in some cases) When product is sold Ownership utility is created

The Marketing – Retail Equation : 

8/6/2010 Swapna Pradhan 6 The Marketing – Retail Equation

The Rise of the Retailer : 

8/6/2010 Swapna Pradhan 7 The Rise of the Retailer Proximity to the customer The Rise of consumerism Introduction of the Private Label Technology

The Global Retail Market : 

8/6/2010 Swapna Pradhan 8 The Global Retail Market Source: Global Retailing, Datamonitor, May 2005

Key players in the world of retail : 

8/6/2010 Swapna Pradhan 9 Key players in the world of retail

Share of retailing in Total Empl. In selected countries : 

8/6/2010 Swapna Pradhan 10 Share of retailing in Total Empl. In selected countries

Challenges facing Global Retailers : 

8/6/2010 Swapna Pradhan 11 Challenges facing Global Retailers The emergence of new markets The empowered consumer Technology enabled efficiencies The rise of the e-age

Retail as a career : 

8/6/2010 Swapna Pradhan 12 Retail as a career Buying & Merchandising Marketing Store Operations Sales Finance Human Resources Technology & e-commerce Visual Merchandising Supply Chain Management & Logistics

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