Ayurveda Clinical Protocol : BHU Experiences

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Need of Clinical Protocol for Ayurvedic Medicines for its re validation


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Ayurveda Clinical Protocols: BHU Experience:

Ayurveda Clinical Protocols: BHU Experience Anand Chaudhary ,Associate Professor ,Faculty of Ayurveda , Banaras Hindu University ,Varanasi anandayubhu@gmail.com

Contents :

Contents From where story begins ? Initiations of Ayurvedic Clinical Protocol Limitations of Ayurvedic Clinical Protocol Mahamana Vision for Medical Education Advances of Ayurvedic College of BHU Criticism of BHU Model of Ayurvedic Practices Appreciative Approach of Integrative Medical Practices 09 December ,2012 2 5 WAC ,Bhopal

From where story begins ? :

From where story begins ? Patient Perspectives Regulatory Requirements Commercial Connections Company Competitions 09 December ,2012 3 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Mashelkar Report, 2003 :

Mashelkar Report, 2003 09 December ,2012 4 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Initiations of Ayurvedic Clinical Protocol :

Initiations of Ayurvedic Clinical Protocol Classical Connotations Institutional Inspirations Global Grace National Nimbleness 09 December ,2012 5 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Schedule Z :

Schedule Z Rule 170 of Drugs and Cosmetics Rule, 1945 ACT programme of CCRAS Clinical Trial by Companies International Indication 09 December ,2012 6 5 WAC ,Bhopal

CCRAS /AYUSH Approach :

CCRAS /AYUSH Approach 09 December ,2012 7 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Limitations of Ayurvedic Clinical Protocol:

Limitations of Ayurvedic Clinical Protocol Lack of funding Lack of academic infrastructure Lack of research skill Lack of methodology Lack of patients 09 December ,2012 8 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Suggestions Saga :

Suggestions Saga 09 December ,2012 9 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Banaras Hindu University :

Banaras Hindu University 09 December ,2012 10 5 WAC ,Bhopal Established by Parliament by Notification No. 225 of 1916

Mahamana Vision for Medical Education :

Mahamana Vision for Medical Education Patriotic Prominence Elite Indians 09 December ,2012 11 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Advances of Ayurvedic College :

Ayurvedic Physicians Allopathic Physicians Ayurvedic Surgeons Allopathic Surgeons Scientific Laboratories Botanical Garden Ayurvedic Pharmacy Advances of Ayurvedic College 09 December ,2012 12 5 WAC ,Bhopal 1925,1927,1959,1963,1974,1999,2007----

Two Schools of Thoughts :1927-1960 :

Two Schools of Thoughts :1927-1960 Ayurvedic Physicians Ayurvedic Surgeons Prof Rajeshwar Dutt Shastri Prof Yadunandan Upadhaya Prof K N Udupa Dr T P Srivastava 09 December ,2012 13 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Blending of Two Streams of Knowledge :

Blending of Two Streams of Knowledge Ayurvedic doctrines Ayurvedic physiology Ayurvedic pharmacology Ayurvedic diagnosis Ayurvedic treatment Allopathic doctrines Allopathic physiology Allopathic pharmacology Allopathic diagnosis Allopathic treatment Ayurvedic Science Conventional Science 09 December ,2012 14 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Dr. Udupa Approach :

Integration of knowledge in benefit of humanity Dr. Udupa Approach “They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don't know it” ― Nicholas Sparks , Dear John 09 December ,2012 15 5 WAC ,Bhopal Active Phase -1959 to 1981

PGIMS ;BHU -1963 and Onwards :

PGIMS ;BHU -1963 and Onwards Surgery by Ayurvedic surgeons Prof P J Deshpandey Prof G C Prasad Prof M Sahu Kaya Chikitsa Shalya Tantra Integrated approach of medicine Prof K N Udupa Prof S N Tripathy Prof R H Singh 09 December ,2012 16 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Progress in Integration :

Progress in Integration A new era of women health through Ayurveda Prof P V Tiwari Prof Manjari Dwivedi Neo natal care Dr B M Singh Anesthesia by Ayurvedic personnel 1978 Prof S B Pande Prof D N Pande Prasuti Tantra / Balrog Sangyaharan 09 December ,2012 17 5 WAC ,Bhopal

BHU Clinical Protocol :

BHU Clinical Protocol Methodology Interpretation Inference Doshansha Kalpana Dosa dushya Sammurchana Samprapti Vighattan Influenced by ICMR Inclusion of Ayurvedic criteria 09 December ,2012 18 5 WAC ,Bhopal The Protocol : “ Thou Shalt Pay Thy Obedience ” What ,Why ,How, Who ,Where and When : The Six Servants of Sir Rudyard Kipling

Advanced Amalgamation :

Advanced Amalgamation 09 December ,2012 19 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Criticism of BHU Model of Ayurvedic Practices :

Hypothetical Substantial Professional Personal Criticism of BHU Model of Ayurvedic Practices 09 December ,2012 20 5 WAC ,Bhopal Protocol Assessment : It is easier to See a Speck in Another’s Eye

Lacunae in BHU protocol :

Lacunae in BHU protocol Lack of Ayurvedic doctrines in protocol Over dependency on conventional methods Over lapping of conclusions Prominence of medicine Negligence to Pathya No restriction on Vihar No Pharmacovigilance Allopathisation of Ayurveda Pharmaceuticalisation of Ayurveda 09 December ,2012 21 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Integrative Approach of Medical Practices :

Way forward Broader vision Advanced clinical protocol Integrative Approach of Medical Practices 09 December ,2012 22 5 WAC ,Bhopal “ Nothing great can be achieved without collective efforts of a group of people. People work in harmony only when they have sense of mutual trust. The mutual trust infests when every single individual follows the footsteps of the truth.” – Mahamana Pt M M Malaviya

Pervasive Protocol :

Pervasive Protocol http://www.ijaronline.com/temp/IntJAyurvedaRes13175-7325006_202050.pdf http://www.jaim.in/temp/JAyurvedaIntegrMed211-7186763_195747.pdf 09 December ,2012 23 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Standard Structure :

Standard Structure Introduction Study Design The THORN Thorough ,Objective , ROSE (Rapid , Objective and Structured Evaluation ) No Non sense Informed Consent Form Adverse Drug Events Ethical Justification of the study Case Report Form Statistics 09 December ,2012 24 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Persistent Procedure :

Persistent Procedure Treatment Guidelines Pharmacovigilance 09 December ,2012 25 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Take Home Message :

Be Particularly Particular in filling of Forms as What is not Recorded is not Done. Take Home Message Dr. Zhang Qi , coordinator of the WHO's traditional and complementary medicine unit is quoted on Voice of America news as saying, "This shows we should recognize the existence and harness the potential of TM [traditional medicine] to contribute to healthcare.“ http://www.examiner.com/article/new-nestl-chinese-medicine-and-world-health-organization 09 December ,2012 26 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Conclusion :

Conclusion Global Status of Scientific Ayurveda may be achieved only by Good Ayurvedic Clinical Protocol of contemporary contour. 09 December ,2012 27 5 WAC ,Bhopal

Acknowledgement & Thanks :

Acknowledgement & Thanks Team WAC Bhopal Dr Pawan Godatwar Dr Supriya Bhalerao Learned Chair Revered Delegates 09 December ,2012 28 5 WAC ,Bhopal

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