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Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing Amy Sprules Image retrieved from

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JetCloud Itinerary Works as a large server Contains information for individuals and businesses Can be retrieved on a number as devices e.g. Computers, mobile phones etc Available anywhere around the world More cost effective option Reduces electricity costs Environmentally friendly Image Retrieved from

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Integral resource in the classroom Advantages for teacher, student and school Provides a convenient style of learning for students “The ability to use rapidly changing and evolving technologies to create, communicate, collaborate, express one’s self and influence others is a critical 21 st century skill .” (Bittman. T, 2008) Image retrieved from

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Study Desk is produced using Moodle. Moodle is a virtual learning environment that provides a different form of learning of which can be accessed via the web. Image retrieved from

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S uccessful learners are creative and productive users of technology Assist in reaching ICT Expectations. All age levels can benefit from the interaction Context Image retrieved from

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Pedagogical Approaches Will see teacher: Step back from traditional roles D raw on a constructionist approach to teaching and learning Will see students: Draw on prior knowledge E ngage in further learning through technology

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Whole class activities – class set laptops or computer labs Rotational and small group work – 4 – 5 computers situated in classroom Homework tasks – computer at home or access at school during lunch and before or after school Classroom Organisation

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Legal/Ethical Considerations Minimise security risks by: Using programs such as moodle Providing links to site previously checked Keeping login safe from access of others

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T echnology is a broad field that draws on a range of subjects including home economics, manufacturing, engineering, manual arts, aerospace, graphics and information processing and technology. (Department of Education and Training, 2005) Implemented in all Key Learning Areas Implemented through: Uploading tasks and activities Homework Weekly quizzes Students uploading assignments

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Image retrieved from References Bittman, T. (2008). Cloud Computing and K-12 Education. Retrieved March 22, 2011 from Education Queensland. (2009). Student ICT Expectations. Retrieved March 22, 2011 from http:// Queensland Government (Department of Education and Training). (2005). Technology. Retrieved March 22, 2011 from Xyroproductions . (2009, October 11). “The Cloud” Explained. [Video file]. Video posted on

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