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You may experience watery eyes a for few days after surgery. After the cataract surgery our eyes could turn red. You will be asked to meet your doctor the day after your surgery. Cataract surgery is the removal of the lens of the eye. The lens could become hazy as we age. This is referred to as cataract and is removed by surgery. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Over the years the surgery has been perfected and is performed by an ophthalmologist.


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Keratoconus - Daily Life:

Keratoconus - Daily Life


In addition to colored contact lenses, special effects contacts are also becoming increasingly popular as fashion accessories, especially for parties and special events. From cat eyes and zebra stripes to hypnotic swirls and vampire eyes, you can create any number of wild and wacky looks with the help of special effects contact lenses. So if you're looking for the perfect finishing touch for a costume or just trying to get fully into the party mood, special effects contacts can provide you with the perfect accessories for a fun night out on the town with friends.


Colored contact lenses are becoming more and more popular and fashionable as they provide a great way for adding a special flair to any look or outfit. With an entire spectrum of colors to choose from, there are colored contacts for every style, occasion and mood. Available shades include everything from storm gray to aquamarine, hazel to emerald green and topaz to chestnut brown. Many retailers also offer various shades of violet and amethyst, so there truly is a vast selection of shades and hues to choose from.


The researchers concluded that the restored plasticity with the use of Prozac was as a result of a reorganization of neuronal connections in the cortex. Furthermore, maximum visual improvement was achieved when Vision Therapy was also administered. The only concern that the researchers revealed was what side affects would be with long term use of the drug. To date, known affects include but are not limited to suicide, severe anxiety, glaucoma, and visual filed defects. Future, long term research needs to be done to determine the risk/benefits of such treatment.


Amblyopia, or lazy eye is reduced Vision 20/20 Protocol Ebook Review vision in one eye as a result of a sustained period of visual neglect in childhood, resulting in neither eye glasses nor medical treatment improving the vision in that Amblyopic eye. During infancy, an infant's neurological system is very flexible, and can easily adapt to changing environmental stimuli. As such, during these formative years our visual systems learn how to function. If during that time one eye does not get adequate visual stimuli it will not develop to the same level as the other eye.

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