How Employee can Boost Productivity and Focus at Work by AMy Rodiles

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How Employee can Boost Productivity and Focus at Work:

How Employee can Boost Productivity and Focus at Work By Amy Rodiles

About Amy Rodiles:

About Amy Rodiles Amy Rodile is s peaker , author, and certified Gazelles business coach and has been a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization since 2007 where he has served in several board and regional leadership roles .

Ask the Question :

Ask the Question Before you blame it on others, take a minute to evaluate your productivity. Are you really in the “flow” when working on your tasks ? Get in the flow and make a plan

Opt Planning Method :

Opt Planning Method Without planning nothing is possible, before start the day. Create a to do list and make plan accordingly and hourly. Choose the frog first.

Write down all ideas:

Write down all ideas Daily while working ample of ideas come into mind to get more accurate result, but after some time its blurred and we tried to recall

Split time-consuming tasks :

Split time-consuming tasks Instead of tackling one huge task, break into smaller doable tasks that you can complete in less than one day. This way, you’ll feel more rewarded each time a part of the task gets finished. Moreover, you’ll have a better understanding of what needs to be done next.

Turn off notifications :

Turn off notifications You can’t fully focus unless you free yourself of the small cunning distractions called notifications. Go to your phone settings and turn off notifications for email, Facebook messages, and other irrelevant apps regularly sending you notifications.

Stay away from social media :

Stay away from social media While working on a demanding task, our minds tend to get tired. That’s when you’re tempted to check your email and social media accounts – to give your brain a rest. But don’t let yourself be fooled; that’s not how it works. Checking social media drains your brain of energy as it has to process lots of information.

Find inspiration :

Find inspiration Why are you working on this task? Is it just because your boss told you to or because it has a positive effect on your career? We tend to start procrastinating when working without a purpose. That’s why it’s important to be excited about every single task you take up. Being constantly inspired in your work will also make you more optimistic about the outcome, making it easier to stay focused throughout the day.

Drink less coffee and more water:

Drink less coffee and more water

Stay in Touch with Amy Rodiles:

Stay in Touch with Amy Rodiles

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