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Coordinate Plane:

Coordinate Plane What is it and plotting ordered pairs?

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents What is the coordinate plane? Its quadrants . How to plot ordered pairs? Fun Facts.

The Coordinate Plane:

The Coordinate Plane Formed by two real number lines that intersect at a right angle x-axis (horizontal line) x y y-axis (vertical line) The center is called the origin!

PowerPoint Presentation:

x y I II III IV 4 Quadrants Labeled Counterclockwise

PowerPoint Presentation:

x y Plotting an Ordered Pair Plot the ordered pair (3,4 ) and label it. A Start at the origin and move 3 units to the right Move 4 units up Place your point. Label Try these! Click here!

PowerPoint Presentation:

An ordered pair is also know as coordinates. Written in the form ( x,y ) The x units is the distance along the x-axis and y is the distance along the y-axis.

Order Pair Practice:

x y Order Pair Practice B 1. What are the coordinates of Point B? (-5, -4) 2. Plot the point C (-2, 0) C 3. What are the coordinates of Point D? Click to reveal answers D (6, -2)

Did you notice?:

Did you notice? Points are labeled using capital letters. The x and y axis intersect at their zero points. Therefore the coordinates of the origin is (0,0). Points that are not in the quadrants we say they lie on the x-axis or y-axis. .

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