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Presentation On * Linkers * : 

Presentation On * Linkers * Submitted To-: Ms. Manpreet maan lect. System Software Submitted By-: Amit Sharma

Need Of linkers : 

Need Of linkers Software consists thousands of parts and it is impractical to execute all these parts simultaneously due to following reasons-: -> Large size of software. -> Software is developed in modules . -> Recompiling is difficult.

Linker : 

Linker Linker is a system software which is used to combined different modules of a software. Linkers takes object file and assemble them into the final executable program. Linkers attach the module or variable with the program which are used by the program at the time of execution.

Diagram Of Linker : 

Diagram Of Linker Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module n Linker Executing A program

Functions Of Linker : 

Functions Of Linker Linking-: The process of combining different modules is called linking. Relocation-: Program relocation is basically deals with the modifying the address of the program so that it can run successfully form the assigned memory space

Design of Linker : 

Design of Linker Header-: It contain Origin of program , size of program and execution start address. Equivalent Machine Code-: It contain machine code of the corresponding program Relocation table-: It contain address of all the translated instructions. It has only one field i.e., address field. Link table-: It gives information about all the references of the program which are used in program.

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