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Seminar Presentation on “CLOUD COMPUTING” By Suraj S Malusare IETE, Pune.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing CLOUD COMPUTING .... it walks through the ‘cloud’ Presented By Suraj S Malusare Membership no : 197659 AMIETE-CS IETE, Pune


Overview Questions to be answered : What cloud computing is ? What cloud computing is not? ideal cloud computing What I can do with it Key characteristics Latest models and examples Deployment models How cloud computing works Advantages


“Any situation in which computing is done in a remote location (out in the clouds), rather than your desktop or portable device.” What Is Cloud Computing


Ideal Cloud Computing Low cost for users and providers Independence of device and software Efficient utilization of all resources Ability to continually add new users and applications by easily increasing resources when necessary Data is secure with policies to protect its security


It’s all in the cloud.... Email Web Sites Database Mass Email Project Management Snail Mail Storage of documents online Voicemail ... and what not !!! What I can do with it ?

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Key Characteristic Data stored on the cloud Software and services on the cloud – Access via web browser Broad network access Accessible from any devices Low cost software Advanced security technologies

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Here’s the cream... The most recent achievements are the following models: Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) Use providers application over a network Cloud Platform as a Service(PaaS) Deploy customer created application to a cloud Cloud Infrastructure as Service(IaaS ) Rent processing, storage network capacity, and other fundamental computing resources Cloud Hardware as a Service(HaaS) Reduce cost ,less failure and crashes

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Latest Examples Software as a Service : - - Gmail - Facebook Platform as a Service : - 3Tera - Google application engine - Coghead Infrastructure as a Service : - Amazon AWS - Joyent - Mosso - Nirvanix

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Cloud Computing Deployment Models Private Cloud - enterprise owned or leased Public Cloud - sold to the public, mega scale industries Hybrid Cloud - composition of two or more clouds

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How Cloud Computing Works

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Cloud Computing Applications Best and Free Cloud based application : Mint – A cloud based personal finance tool to manage your money. Free cloud based desktop : iCloud Cloudo eyeOS Free cloud based Antivirus : - Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Platform as a Service : - Google application engine

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Advantages User – Centric Task – Centric Powerful Intelligent Affordable Programmable

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Risks in Cloud Computing Regulatory compliance - When outsourcing to a provider, customers are responsible for the security and integrity of their own data, even when it is held by third party provider. Data segmentation/ user access - Finding ways to make sure employees receive adequate access Recovery - Data segmentation makes back-ups more difficult Logging & Investigative Support - Harder to know who altered the data and where they came from

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Conclusion Thus cloud computing provides a super computing power. This cloud of computers may extends beyond a single Company or enterprise. The applications and data served by cloud are available to broad group of users , cross –enterprise and cross-platform.

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References Miladen A. Vouk, “ Cloud Computing ” dept of comp sci. North Carolina State University Prof.Avan John P, Dr. L Brown Buck , “ Introduction to Cloud Computing Architecture , 1 st edition,” Sun micro system cloud _computing cloud computing application software_as_a_service platform_as_a_service

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