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“ The Best Way to Cure Insomnia Without Medication ” Presented By amro Top 10 Tips to Cure Insomnia Naturally How to Cure Conditioned Insomnia Click here to see this now

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How To Use Psychology To Cure Insomnia Do you have insomnia You try to go to bed at a decent time but you spend hours tossing and turning anyway. You know your body is tired but you simply cant turn your mind off and get to sleep. Your mind is wide awake but your body is not. The frustration is overwhelming. I understand I experienced chronic insomnia for years. I had accepted it. I had learned to live with the tiredness. Until one day I learned about the horrifying consequences of sleep deprivation - and realized that something needed to change. Something can change for you too You just need to learn how to use psychology. You just need to train your brain into realizing that its tired too. Have you heard of classical conditioning Its a psychological phenomenon in which the brain comes to associate a neutral stimulus with another which already elicits a response from you. After continuous repetition the response from the affective stimulus transfers over to the previously neutral one. Youve probably heard of Pavlovs dogs. Through repetitious association their brains recognized the sound of a bell and the presentation of food as the relatively same thing. Even when the stimulus of the food was not present if they heard the sound of the associated bell they would salivate. Our brains are interconnected in marvellous ways. And if we know how we can use its ability to form strong associations between stimuli to our advantage. We can use it to help us get to sleep. You may not realize it but you have already formed many classical conditioned associations in your mind And a lot of them are getting in the way of your sleep.

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Before you can use conditioning you need to realize that almost everything you experience can be categorized as a stimulus which elicits a response from your body. For any classical conditioned situation there must be one neutral stimulus and one unconditioned stimulus which already elicits a direct response from the body. For example when you watch a movie you are visually stimulated. Your brain focuses on the images and keeps you alert so you can perceive what you are seeing. This is an unconditioned stimulus. The response an increased alertness could be transferred onto a neutral stimulus. Whats the stimulus we want to use in order to cure insomnia Your bed. Without realizing it we have attached all sorts of conditioned responses to the stimulus of our bed. We often spend quite a bit of time in our beds - doing things other than sleeping. We read in our beds we watch TV in our beds we surf the net in our beds we talk on the phone in our beds and some of us even study in our beds A lot of the time we are encouraged to incorporate these activities into our wind- down process. This is completely backwards With the exception of sexual activity every single thing we do in our beds adds a layer of conditioned response. When you read or watch TV you are stimulating your brain in a way which keeps it alert and interested. When you routinely do those things in your bed you come to associate that alert stimulation with the bed. Ideally the only stimulated response associated with your bed would be sleep. The first thing you need to do is eliminate all the previously conditioned responses youve already added to your bed. Go cold turkey on TV in bed. Only read sitting up. Sit at your desk when you surf the net and talk on the phone on your couch. Once youve achieved that you will automatically begin to condition the response of sleep with the stimulus of your bed. It is only a matter of time before falling asleep becomes the natural response that your body has been craving.

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Another way to condition your sleep pattern into a routine is to go to sleep and wake up at exactly the same time every day. It can be difficult but try to avoid naps. Learn to associate darkness with sleep and lightness with awake. Classical conditioning may be one of the most effective long term situations to an insomnia problem. However there are other things you can do Learn more about long term insomnia solutions at our website. How well do you really understand the effects of sleep deprivation Learn more. Remember to check this out How to Cure Conditioned Insomnia Click here to see this now

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How to Use Aromatherapy to Help Cure Insomnia There are many different methods believed to help cure insomnia. One of the least common methods is the use of aromatherapy. This is when certain scents are used to relax the mind and body. In theory these scents will relax and distress someone enough to help them fall asleep naturally. Using aromatherapy to help cure insomnia is a great alternative to using medications to get to sleep. Lavender is one of the most common scents used in aromatherapy. It is known to help people relax and calm their nerves. Try burning candles in the bedroom before going to sleep though make sure to blow them out before actually laying down to prevent any major disasters. Soaking in a bath infused with lavender is another option. Place a handful of lavender leaves in a porous bag and put them in the tub. Run hot water over the leaves and allow them to sit for about ten minutes. They will then be ready for a relaxing bath. Essential oils are also often used to help people relax. Using oils to spread a scent throughout a room can make that room less stressful to be in. Try using an oil vaporizer in the bedroom. Different scents work for different people. Because scent is one the biggest thing tied to memory there are often certain smells that relax each person differently. Choose one that works well and use it in the vaporizer to surround the bedroom with the comforting scent. Though a professional massage with essential oils would be ideal for anyone before bedtime this is not an option for most people. However when people give themselves a massage it can help their muscles relax before bed. Choose the desired scent and massage any muscle areas that can be reached. This will infuse the oil into the skin and the scent will remain on the body as sleep is attempted. Some people feel that scenting their pillow case or some area around them while they try to go to sleep will calm them for a better state of mind while falling asleep. Try putting a few drops of scented oil in a handkerchief or cloth and placing it inside the pillow case. This will surround the nose with relaxing smells while trying to fall asleep and the smells will be breathed in all night helping the person to remain asleep. Some people also feel that it helps to place the cloth over their eyes while falling asleep.

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There are many different methods used to try to fight insomnia. Some people use over-the-counter remedies natural ingredients and holistic healing approaches. Exploring the idea of scent can teach people how to use aromatherapy to help cure insomnia. Remember to check this out How to Cure Conditioned Insomnia Click here to see this now

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Top 10 Tips to Cure Insomnia Naturally Living in a digital era is certainly a blessing as we are gifted with a multitude of sources of learning progress and entertainment which are at our finger tips. Nevertheless these numerous facilities come with a hidden price tag. The over-use of all kinds of electronic gadgets might cause a lot of stress including isolation and depression that could lead to several types of psychiatric problems such as insomnia schizophrenia mania and so on. The most important and the root cause of all kinds of psychiatric problems is the patients inability to fall asleep naturally. W.C. Fields quotes "The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep." So to get to the secrets of sleeping naturally I personally would suggest you to exercise discipline in every facet of your lifestyle by following the below tips and guidelines conscientiously: Exercise an hour every day. The exercises could be even in the form of playing games. Alternatively you could brisk walk early morning to breathe in the fresh air. This will invigorate your mind and body. If you are unable to move out of the house you may even run on a tread mill with a bit of open ventilation as the second best option. Practice Yoga an hour or half a day. Yoga is a great form of exercise that tunes you into a state of pure consciousness maximum creativity and bliss. The process of doing yoga is by itself a blissful process. It not only regulates and focusses on ones breathing pattern but relieves stress through stretching movement of the muscles organs and even induces deep relaxation. The deep relaxation through deep breathing generates alpha waves that induce one to fall asleep naturally. Nourish your body with healthy food and drink a lot of water. Drink at least 5 liters of water. Drink more water first half of the day and less the rest of the day. As our brain is composed of 78 water content drinking plenty of water must be made into a habit. Eat lots of fruits and healthy food every two hours in a moderate quantity that would hydrate and nourish your body as suggested by Rujuta Diwekar in Dont Lose Your Mind But Lose Your Weight.

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Dont use your computer at least 3 hours before sleep as it disturbs your sleep pattern. Dont be on the phone or use any electronic gadgets prior to sleeping. Say a big no to technology three hours before sleep. Avoid tea or coffee as much as possible or have them much before sunset. If you really need to drink tea or coffee opt it only once a day. Enhance the quality of your life by bonding with your friends and relatives as often as you can. This alone can do miracles to cure your insomnia. The more you socialize the better you feel and socialization alone can cure you from tossing and turning sleepless all nights. So one of the primary cures to insomnia is socializing a lot. Be an optimistic person and bid adieu to your bad memories and hurt feelings. Read the book The Power of Now by Echart Tolle wherein Echart clearly states both the past and the future are just an illusion and true power lies in being and living in the present. Have a beautiful and huge vision clearly imprinted in your mind and move slowly one step at a time. Just remind yourself what Rabindrath Tagore says The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Inculcate and create great habits in your life by replacing the bad ones for which I urge you to read The Power Habit by Charles Duhigg. This one book alone could help you discipline your life. Connect to nature. Love plants and animals a lot. Spend more time watering the garden and sowing flower seeds or vegetable seeds. Then see those seeds grow into a fruitful plant and bloom into flowers. This can enliven your lost spirit and get back to focus in your life. Even if you are in an apartment try keeping plants on your balcony and watch them grow every day. In case you are an animal lover keep pets like cats dogs rabbits etc. or have a nice aquarium at home. Their spirits will invigorate yours too to a great deal and forget your worries and stress for good. As every problem has a solution similarly insomnia too can be cured naturally if you inculcate the power habits through sheer focus and discipline that will systematically change your lifestyle and help live a great healthy life by sleeping naturally.For more articles on healthy living visit my blog:

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Can Acupuncture Help Cure Insomnia Insomnia is a disease in which a patient suffers from lack of sleep. Insomnia can occur at any age but it is becoming wide spread problem in adults. The symptoms of insomnia are sleeplessness sleeping for short spans during the night waking up in the middle of night or early hours of the morning and not being able to fall asleep again. At times you fall asleep for several hours but your body and mind still feels unrest and tired. This is very painful when you do not get complete rest and it may lead to other serious diseases and medical conditions. You feel restless tired and irritable and you are not able to focus on your work properly. It also affects your appetite which can adversely affect your health. You can find its treatment in modern medicine which may not be the best solution for this problem. Many people try to cure insomnia by taking sleeping pills but it is not the right solution and may lead to drug dependency and other problems in the longer run. The best way to get out of this problem and get back your natural sleep is through acupuncture. As acupuncture is a complete body treatment which corrects all functions including sleep disorder. Acupuncture is actually practiced by inserting fine needles in the body to balance the energy in your body. It stimulates or relaxes certain nerves and muscles in your body to attain a number of effects. Acupuncture works remarkably for insomnia because it brings back your natural sleep through natural remedies without drugs which might become a form of addiction later on. While you are receiving acupuncture treatment your nervous system begins to calm you down as the acupuncture needles work by taking out your stresses and balancing your body energy and eliminate the causes of your insomnia. Patient may even fall asleep on the treatment table. After first treatment of acupuncture you will get a much satisfactory sleep sleep like a baby but after several days the symptoms of insomnia may occur again and that would be the indication for having your insomnia treatment more frequently. Your problem of insomnia might take several acupuncture treatments per week for several weeks to fully get rid of.

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Many people who get their treatment for pain relief through acupuncture get their natural and comfortable sleep with this treatment so why not treating insomnia with this soothing therapy Therefore avoid being addicted to sleeping pills and go for acupuncture for your insomnia as it is a reliable and healthy way to resolve chronic insomnia. Natural Health Remedies - The Best Solution For Insomnia Insomnia is more than the occasional sleepless night as any insomniac will tell you and although it can be all to easy to fall into the trap of regular sleeplessness its not a cycle which can be easily broken. For many who havent experienced chronic insomnia it can be easy to believe that the illness is all in the sufferers head although this is partially correct there is often a number of other serious underlining causes of Insomnia. For the most part insomnia is often caused by a number of factors some of which include stress anxiety depression lack of exercise bad diet excessive caffeine sugar and alcohol consumption and in some cases prescription medicine. With so many possible underlining causes the best place to begin is identifying the specific causes for your insomnia and start removing any contributing factors which may be supporting your perpetual state of sleeplessness. Start by changing this small aspects of your daily routine and lifestyle. Refrain or consuming coffee tea chocolate and cola all of which contain caffeine Get up first thing in the morning and go for a quick walk to get some sunshine on your skin some fresh air and exercise Refrain from consuming alcohol especially close to bedtime Ensure you are getting a balanced diet rich in fresh fruit vegetables fish and lean meat Take steps to lessen daily stresses in your life

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These are some basic life changes which over a short time can make a remarkable difference for someone suffering from insomnia although these are just a start. Keep in mind also that if your insomnia fails to start to improve after making some or all of these changes it may well be worthwhile checking with you family doctor to make sure there are not more serious underlying causes for your insomnia which could include chronic clinical depression sleep apnea diabetes or even lung disease. Although these causes are less likely to be the case it pays to make sure and rule them out. Other great methods and Natural Health Remedies to Cure Insomnia Aromatherapy: is a an effective method of calming the mind before you go to bed. Scents have a powerful influence and emotions and feelings and there are a number of essential oils which help to calm our mind and ease stress and anxiety. Have a warm bath with a few drops of lavender oil or chamomile oil before you go to bed. Feng Shui: is a traditional art of arranging furniture to promote health and well being and although it may sound a little over the top tidying your bedroom and putting away electronic appliances and gadgets which can be distracting is a great idea. For many going to bed when everything is done and tidied gives a subtle subconscious reassurance that they are finishing off the day with a clean and tidy home so there mind can rest easy without focusing on what needs to be done tomorrow. Performing a quick tidy of your home and your bedroom before you retire is a great ritual to prepare for sleep. Herbal Remedies: Chamomile tea hops and passionflower are herbs which will help to calm you before going to bed and are excellent natural home remedies for insomnia. As well as calming the mind they also calm the digestive system and help relieve muscle tension. Vitamin Therapy: Eating foods rich in Magnesium Vitamin B6 Calcium and Tryptophan can be a highly effective way to help curing insomnia. Often a deficiency in these nutrients will cause anxiety depression and insomnia so eating foods which contain these nutrients can help greatly. Some Foods to Eat to Help Cure Your Insomnia Lean Chicken Breast: is high in both Tryptophan and Magnesium both of which are used to create Serotonin and Melatonin hormones which help us to get a good nights sleep.

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Nuts seeds and whole grains: Almonds cashews legumes and whole grains are goods sources of magnesium which helps supports the nervous system and assists in the productions of sleep hormones. Bananas: A great easy to eat super food and convenient snack also packed with magnesium. Salmon and Tuna: Great sources of Vitamin B6 which is a precursor to Serotonin Sunflower seeds and walnuts: other good sources of Vitamin B6 Lean Pork Chicken and Beef: all excellent sources of Tryptophan which is probably the most effective nutrient you can take to combat insomnia and used to create Melatonin which helps to promote sleep. Natural Health Remedies for insomnia and general sleeplessness serves as a great treatment for insomnia and related symptoms of sleeplessness anxiety and mild depression as treatments are natural and therefore have no side affects are very cheap become affective very quickly and can be used virtually indefinitely as opposed to potent prescription medicine. John Salamon an avid researcher and writer on natural health who has a wealth of knowledge in natural health remedies natural health therapies optimal nutrition and general health and well being.

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How to Identify and Treat Terminal Insomnia Terminal insomnia also called late insomnia is a frustrating condition where you can usually fall asleep easily upon going to bed.... but then you wake up four-to- five hours later unable to get back to sleep. So you are waking up too early in the morning which leaves you feeling exhausted foggy and cranky when you roll out of bed to start your day. Despite the ominous sounding name terminal insomnia will not kill you but can certainly be a joy-killer. To get started on a cure for terminal insomnia its important to determine how many hours of sleep you really need to get a full nights rest. Unlike initial insomnia not being able to fall asleep for hours after you go to bed and middle insomnia waking up in the middle of the night and taking hours to fall back to sleep where all the symptoms clearly point to the condition some people who think they have terminal insomnia might instead simply be "short sleepers." And what does that mean Well some people only need four or five hours of sleep to properly function throughout the day. If you have always been able to feel fine on less sleep than some of your friends and relatives you might not be experiencing late insomnia symptoms but just going to bed too early for the amount of sleep that you need. If thats the case your tired cranky feeling might be the result of lying awake too long beating up on yourself because you cant fall back to sleep. Try going to bed later so you will wake up at a more reasonable hour and can arise and start your day immediately. And then be grateful that you have a few extra hours in your day to do something other than sleep If however you have never been a short sleeper and you now find yourself increasingly exhausted after these short hours of sleep you could very well be experiencing terminal insomnia. As you would for any other type of insomnia

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once you have determined that you have terminal insomnia it is time to find out why. You cant fight an unknown force so understanding the causes of your condition comes before treatment. Start With Emotional Causes of Insomnia To help you uncover the causes of your terminal or late insomnia keep a sleep diary for about two weeks. In this diary you will write down your thoughts and feelings when you first wake up in the morning. This can help you to determine if there are emotional reasons that you are unable to get back to sleep. Because the emotional reasons behind your inability to sleep might be a little hidden -- possibly subconscious -- it is important to analyze the situation completely. Dont skip this step I have found that initial insomnia -- where you are unable to fall asleep when you first go bed -- is often associated with feelings of fear stress worry and anxiety. Initial insomniacs may even experience sleep anxiety where they are unable to sleep because they are so focused upon getting to sleep. These emotional causes of insomnia tend to make your body tense and restless so you cant relax physically or mentally enough to fall asleep. People with middle insomnia or terminal insomnia though tend more toward feelings of depression anger and frustration. These emotions do not cause the adrenaline rush in quite the same way as anxiety and worry. They also tend to get pushed more into the subconscious mind where we arent aware of them much at all. But they can gnaw away in the background of our minds and wake us up in the middle of the night. Physical Causes You can also determine possible physical causes of your late insomnia with the help of your sleeping diary. If you wake up at generally the same time every morning there might be a physical reason or a combination of several physical reasons why this happens. For example if you have a thermostat set to change the temperature at that specific time this change might be waking you. Does you neighbor leave for work at that time and turn on a bright light that shines in your bedroom window Is there an increase in outdoor noise such as more traffic or a dog barking Maybe your allergies are flaring up at that time. Some allergy suffers find that the

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predawn hours are the worst. By determining the cause or causes of your insomnia you can then determine ways to cure the symptoms. Remember to check this out How to Cure Conditioned Insomnia Click here to see this now

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Insidious Insomnia We all had nights where we toss and turn and just cannot get to sleep and the following morning we are tired and grumpy. Insomnia is not just the odd sleepless night it is a constant condition that can damage health and happiness. We toss and turn all night wishing there was some way you could just relax enough to go to sleep. We dread going to bed knowing we probably will not be able to sleep. Stress and anger from our day can stay on our subconscious mind making it hard to relax at night. If you can find no valid reason for your sleep problems chances are your problems are stress related. Work on relieving your stress can help you cure insomnia. Stress is something we can overcome with persistence. There are many ways of coping with stress and again different things work for different people. Handling anger and stress in a positive way spending time with other people exercising and maintaining a positive outlook can stop stress and anger from disturbing your sleep. A sleep diary can be a helpful way to keep track of your sleeplessness. Awareness of your sleep patterns can help you discover the cause of your insomnia with a chance for a good nights sleep. Do not worry about dietary food but instead concentrate deeply on the consumption of the food you eat.

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Do not eat after 7pm Try an herbal tea such as chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is used to reduce stress promote relaxation and restful sleep. Chamomile was used thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt where it was honored for its great curative properties. It was first used in Europe to help with insomnia. Used as a tea chamomile is known to relax smooth muscle tissue. In this way it is useful in calming the nervous system and relieving menstrual cramps. A cup of full milk hot chocolate work for many people. A simply cup of warm milk worked for others Chamomile tea is a reliable source for many. Milk is very valuable in insomnia. A glass of milk sweetened with honey should be taken every night before going to bed in treating this condition. It acts as a tonic and a tranquillizer I would say the greatest of the three was milk because there was no brain activity. Play a soothing tape or CD with soothing nature sounds and if you cannot sleep get out of bed. Grab a book. Read for half an hour to an hour and try again. You may be able to sleep finally. Relax your body in a warm tub. The deep breathing exercises will help you to relax Avoid caffeine after dinner. Caffeine is a drug that is naturally produced in the leaves and seeds of many plants. Caffeine is defined as a drug because it stimulates the central nervous system causing increased alertness. Caffeine gives most people a temporary energy boost and elevates mood. Caffeine is in tea coffee chocolate many soft drinks and pain relievers and other over-the- counter medications. Many people feel that caffeine increases their mental alertness. Higher doses of caffeine can cause anxiety dizziness headaches and the jitters. Caffeine can also interfere with normal sleep. It can aggravate certain heart problems. It may also

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interact with some medications or supplements. If you are stressed or anxious caffeine can make these feelings worse. The Sleep Research Laboratory at Flinders University is trialing a radical new treatment for this condition. It takes one to two hours to sleep and then wake up a number of times in the course of a night with very broken sleep. The next day. You feel quite tired and irritable. The problem is few people persevere. Ever heard the saying count sheep. According to Professor Lushington when you think of an activity like counting sheep you are distracting yourself. You are able to stop thoughts - which for some people can be quite productive. Anything that stimulates your mind should be avoided prior to going to bed Research indicates that sleeping on your back is the best position for relaxing. It allows for the deepest restful breathing. Avoid sleeping on your stomach this causes pressure on your lungs and results in shallow breathing. The deeper you breathe the greater the relaxation.

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Ten Fun Things to Do While Lying Awake in Bed With Insomnia insomnia can be depressing sure. However that is only half the picture the half- empty-glass part. So here are ten techniques for enjoying the time spend wide- eyed in bed. How Here is a short list. I will be giving you valuable ideas but even more I aspire to plant in your mind via these ideas that indeed you have been gifted - you were handed extra hours for enjoying life in. when that idea takes root you will think of many new and better ways to use that time wisely ways that I didnt even think of. The general principle is that if you will engross your mind or body you may enjoy it now but kill your day tomorrow. You are seeking ideas that relax you and allow you to get pleasure at the same time that you settle down and rest. Here we go: 1.Listen to fine classical music. An added bonus is that music at 40 to 60 beats per minute naturally relaxes and calms your mind and body. Much Baroque music has that quality. 2.Plan out your day tomorrow. Think of what you will to need to buy when you will schedule what and what will your meals be. 3.Visualize yourself with a challenge like dealing with a difficult customer spouse superior or neighbor and dealing with them in a smooth effective manner. 4.Think of all the things in life to be thankful for. This may seem corny but it will bring true pleasure and satisfaction to you. Do this on a regular basis and you will be one happy person 5.Download a fine enriching audio program from a place like librivox plug in your mp3 player put on your earphones and edify your mind without even trying. 6.Listen to an audio program to enhance your work performance for instance marketing tips or a how-to program on fixing your computer. 7.Create positive affirmations and focus on them while lying still in bed. Think "I am having a successful day wonderful in every way". Repeat it again and again. What better time to do so

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8.Reframe events that happened to you in the course of the day. Play that tense encounter over and focus on the pleasure in the contest that you had or what valuable thing you learned about the other person that will enable you to deal with them more effectively in the future. Consciously seek out the good in every situation that you experienced and you will turn it from an energy-draining situation to a positive energizing one. 9.Practice deep abdominal breathing and use your time to develop the habit of breathing from your stomach. The health effects of breathing this way is well established it triggers relaxation and brings more oxygen into the body improving digestion as well. 10.Practice progressive relaxation. This is fun relaxing and will lower high blood pressure among other benefits. Simply tighten a group of muscles say neck back or legs hold for a few seconds and then release and relax them. In a few weeks time you will be doing it almost automatically and be enjoying the increased sense of well-being that it endangers. So there you have it ten techniques for enjoying the time spend wide-eyed in bed. You will come up with many more now that you have the leads. Enjoy Sarah Yutta is an insomnia expert. She has studied no-drug approaches to insomnia for many years. Visit and download a free ebook that will teach you how to cope with and even enjoy insomnia. The book is yours free Remember to check this out How to Cure Conditioned Insomnia Click here to see this now

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