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Twitter, Companies & Money Money Money Monnnnay Money!! :

Twitter, Companies & Money Money Money Monnnnay Money!! A presentation by Alieshia Morris

What is Twitter Exactly?:

What is Twitter Exactly? Created by Jack Dorsey Social Networking & Microblogging Launched in 2006 Began as an internal service 140 characters or less

Blogging vs. Microblogging:

Blogging vs. Microblogging Can be a website or part of a website Regularly maintained by an individual Interactive Can include images, links, video and music Must have a host site Can be maintained while on the go (mobile apps) Interactive Limit to the amount of data per microblog

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Famous Microbloggers

What is Microblogging Good For?:

What is Microblogging Good For? Advertising Generating Traffic Customer Service CSR- fundraising, green movement New product ideas Learning from customers Brand advocates Word of Mouth Marketing Dedicated/ Branded Channels Events Coupons

What’s wrong with it?:

What’s wrong with it? News 3.9% Spam 3.75% Self-promotion 5.86% Pointless babble 40.54% Conversational 37.55% Pass-along value 8.70%


Definitions News Any sort of main stream news such as CNN, Fox or others. Spam These are the tweets such as “See how I got 3,000 followers in one day ” type of tweets. Self‐Promotion These are typical corporate tweets about products, services, or “Twitter only” promos. Pointless Babble These are the “I am eating a sandwich now” tweets. Conversational These are tweets that go back and forth between folks, almost in an instant message fashion, as well as tweets that try to engage followers in conversation, such as questions or polls. Pass‐Along Value These are any tweets with an “RT” in it . Now , if there were any tweets that could fit into more than one category (which was rare), if it started with “@”, we deemed it as conversational, even if it was a news item or self‐promotion.

Putting Twitter in Perspective:

Putting Twitter in Perspective

Thanks for Listening!!!!:

Thanks for Listening!!!!

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