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High Performance Leadership A leader is someone who takes us elsewhere, he has the capability of leaving behind a legacy of something that may not have been accomplished if he had not motivated the organization to do so .


Syllabus Leadership — Theories of Leadership, Leadership Styles Leadership — Leadership Styles Leadership Skills Leadership Lessons through Literature Team work & Team building Interpersonal skills — Conversation, Feedback, Feed forward

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Interpersonal skills — Delegation, Humor, Trust, Expectations, Values. Status, Compatibility Conflict Management — Types of conflicts Conflict Management — Coping strategies Conflict Management — Conflict Management Styles Positive thinking—Attitudes, Beliefs Positive thinking — Martin Sellgman's theory of Learned Helplessness, Learned Optimism.


Reference text Organizational Behavior -by Fred Luthans (9th edition) How to Manage Conflict -by Peg Pickering. Leadership: Research findings, practice & skills- Andrew DuBrin


Introduction (Meaning) “Leadership is the ability to inspire confidence & supporting among the people who are needed to achieve organisational goals.”

High Performance Leadership:

Some other Definitions Interpersonal influence, directed through communication toward goal attainment . The influential increment over & above mechanical compliance with directions & orders . The act that causes others to act or respond in a shared direction. The art of influencing people by persuasion or example to fallow a line of action.


Leadership is needed at all level in the organization & can be practiced to some extent even by a person not assigned to a formal leadership position. The ability to lead other is a rare quality, it become more rare in the highest levels in the organisation, because the complexity of such position requires a vast level of leadership skills .

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Leadership as a partnership The Leader & the group members are connected in such a way that the power between them approximately balanced . Four things are necessary for a valid partnership: Exchange of purpose A high right to say no Joint accountability. Absolute honesty.

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Leadership Vs Management Leadership deals with interpersonal aspects of managers job. It deals with change, inspiration, motivation & influence. It involves having a vision of what the organisation can become & mobilizing people to accomplish it.

Introduction (Meaning):

It produces change, often to dramatic degree. It requires electing cooperation & teamwork from a large network of people Top level leaders are likely to transform their organizations. Leaders create a vision to direct the organization .

Some other Definitions:

Management : Management is more likely to produce a degree of predictability & order . Planning directing, controlling deals with the administrative aspects. Top level managers manage the organisation. Implement the vision is the key function of management. Effective leaders have to be good managers themselves or to be supported by effective managers.

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Leadership Framework: Leadership effectiveness:

Leadership as a partnership:

L= f (l, gm ,s) Leadership is the function of leader , group members , other situational variables .

Leadership Vs Management:

Leadership Roles 1.Figurehead : leaders spend some part of their time engaging in ceremonial ( traditional, official ) activities, like : Entertaining clients as an official representative . Making oneself available to outsiders . Escorting official visitors .

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2. Spokesperson : Informs to the groups of employees about organisations activities, plans, capabilities & vision of the oganisation. Upper-level management Clients Labour unions Professional colleagues The general public


Team player : related to team bulider role. Technical problem solver : Important for supervisors & middle managers. Entrepreneur: To bring Innovation & new ideas for the better functioning. Strategic planner : related with input from others throughout the organisation. Coach & motivator : inspire & teach to the team

Leadership Framework: Leadership effectiveness::

Leadership traits (characters) A leader is required to be capable of making ordinary people do extraordinary things beyond human capability & known endurance levels while in the face of adversity (hardship) . The best leaders are normal human beings with lot of common sense who know how to effectively utilize their experience & are fully motivated in the performance of their duties

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General Personality traits

Leadership Roles:

Task-related Personality traits 1.Self-awareness 2. self-management 3. Social awareness 4. Relationship management

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Behavoural traits: A leader must be Conscious : ‘ One look is worth a thousand reports.’ 2. A leader must be responsible : 3. Setting a personal example : create a ‘ Role Model’. Strength of character & Morale Fiber : Character minimizes fear & maximizes sound judgment under pressure. Moral fibers related to honesty.

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Principle of truth : Within the organisation there has to do complete transparency &the ethos of taking upright decisions based on facts. Six principles to maintain high morale & ethical threshold are as follows: (Honesty, promise keeping, fairness, respect, compassion & integrity)

Leadership traits (characters):

A leader must be Humane (caring, gentle): Must be approachable : A leader must posses Vitality (energy) & endurance (Patience, stamina) Self discipline Ability to concentrate Focus Visionary Ability to change/renew.

General Personality traits:

A leader must be decisive : partially correct but timely action is much better than inaction. He must be Pragmatic (practical): He should understand where the ideas are required to be tempered with practicality . Highly organized : Approach should be logical & practical Clarity of mind : it is critical for leader for creating a vision, direction setting, planning & implementation

Task-related Personality traits:

Egoistic & self appraisal : self appraisal is a practical manifestation of ego, which leads personal developments. Develop Skill & style: Communication skills Personality projection Delegation of responsibility

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Satisfaction of Leader A feeling of power & prestige A chance to help others grow & develop. Respect &status Good opportunities for advancement An opportunity to control the resources .

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Dissatisfaction of a Leader Insufficient authority Lack of recognition Loneliness Problems involving people. Organizational politics

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