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D I G I V E R S I T Y F E A T U R E L I S T Course Staff Compliance and Tracking End to End Process Digitization AI enabled Procter Examination Most Comprehensive LMS Admission Student Advisory Alumni and Fee Management Customized Reporting

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C L A S S M A N A G E M E N T View and manage students mapped to the class View and download attendance records

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C O U R S E P L A N N E R Add title and description to each class scheduled in the term Add weblinks and learning material videos pictures documents

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A S S I G N M E N T M A N A G E M E N T Create new assignments with title and description Set-up due date and configure submission type offline or online Track submissions and mark scores

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R E S U L T M A N A G E M E N T Compute final score on the examination conducted and Publish Manage re-evaluation/re-examination process paid/unpaid Generate Outcome based education reports after examination

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D I G I T A L L E A R N I N G Conduct Online Classes: Seamless integration with Zoom MS Team Unique content authoring tools for in-class pre- recorded video and live online sessions. Conduct timed quizzes and manage assignments. Gradebook to manage internal assessments.

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Q U I Z M A N A G E M E N T Create new quizzes for assessments or student self-learning Set-up score and answer key publishing rulesTrack submissions and view leaderboard

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D I S C U S S I O N F O R U M Conduct online discussion to extend learning beyond classroom Take quick polls to stay on top of class progress Share content on topics outside the curriculum

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T E R M M A N A G E M E N T Create Terms and map them to relevant programme batches Map terms to curriculum for course activation Create exceptional terms such as summer school

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T I M E T A B L E M A N A G E M E N T Create a recurring time-table for section- based system Get quick time-table views at section faculty or course level Real-time notifications for any updates or changes

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A T T E N E N C E M A N A G E M E N T App-based view to capture attendance which works without internet as well As a student access the real-time status of your attendance cumulative + detailed As Academic Administrator get access to console for special statuses such as On-duty leave or sick leave

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Create assessments with minimum and maximum marks Auto-fetch scores of assignments and quizzes from CollPoll’s Learning Management System Create components by selecting assessments and allocating weightage Download reports for submission to Examination department I N T E R N A L A S S E S S M E N T M A N A G E M E N T

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M A N A G E A C A D E M I C A N D N O N - A C A D E M I C D E P A R T M E N T S Create departments with unique IDs Manage department level hierarchy and map members Map relevant programmes and course with academic departments

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M A N A G E P R O G R A M M E S Create Programmes with unique IDs Configure total years and term-logic yearly semester or trimester Manage Batches since the start of the programme Manage batch-level sections

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M A N A G E S C O U R S E S Create Courses subjects with unique IDs Configure Course-type: regular lab elective etc. Map eligible faculty who can teach this course

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M A N A G E C U R R I C U L U M A N D T E R M S Map Courses subjects to relevant terms of a programme Create Elective Clusters for student selection in relevant terms Manage specialisations

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M A N A G E M E M B E R R E C O R D S Add new members with Unique IDRecord and regularly update complete student faculty and staff data Upload and verify documents for administration and compliance Activate or deactivate members in real-timeManage email ID phone number and passwords

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D I G I T A L C A M P U S E N G A G E M E N T A N D C O M M U N I C A T I O N E-notices with targeted audience. Online groups for real time communication of official information. Online event management. Direct messaging for one to one communication. Survey platform for real time feedback collection.

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E - N O T I C E Become an environmentally friendly campus by going paperless. Sensitive notice Safeguard student interest by targeted notices Boost efficacy with anytime anywhere digital notice board.

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E V E N T M A N A G E M E N T Create events with all relevant details and share with a selected audience Discover campus events at one place and register with a click Make event payments. Manage event participants and attendance

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B O O S T O U T S I D E C L A S S R O O M L E A R N I N G Create online communities around projects research or entrepreneurship among others Create language learning groups Boost student’s General Knowledge with regular updates on current affairs

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P R E - E X A M I N A T I O N M A N A G E M E N T Student mapping to a particular course- program. Display examination infrastructure venue and seating arrangement.Manage student eligibility w.r.t attendance fees and internals. Design and manage examination schema at the department and course level. Share mock and previous year question paper with students.Create and manage course-wise question bank.

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E X A M I N A T I O N S C H E D U L E Console to design and manage examination scheduling for different programs. Generate Hall Ticket for the eligible students for different exam types. Student to receive notification over SMS Email InApp.

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C O N D U C T E X A M I N A T I O N Conduct examination based on Outcome Based Education Display student seating arrangement personalised or general. Manage invigilator’s duty and scheduling. Record and manage examination attendance. Manage questions and examination paper repository- course and programme-wise. Generate several question-paper sets by random question allocation.

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P O S T E X A M I N A T I O N Calculate and Publish Grades/GPA/CGPA Compute final score on the examination conducted and Publish Manage re-evaluation/re-examination process paid/unpaid Generate Outcome based education reports after examination

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E N Q U I R Y A N D A P P L I C A T I O N F O R M Customised forms at programme and quota level Log-in to ensure verified applications Track Form Submission Progress Mass upload through CSV for database sync Email SMS and In-app Notifications

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P O S T A P P L I C A T I O N M A N A G E M E N T Create funnels and customised admission statuses Initiation of Fees Reports on application Receipt Generation at each stage Payment Gateway Integration for Online Fees Offline Fee Record management Integration with Tally for reconciliations

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P O S T A D M I S S I O N P R E J O I N I N G E N G A G E M E N T Proactively engage students and parents for higher retention through mobile apps Interactions with student ambassadors and faculty members Showcase campus facilities and achievements Offer capsule courses for higher retention through CollPoll LMS

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F E E P L A N S E T U P Create and manage active fee types e.g. library fees tuition fees etc. Add relevant fee-types to a unique Fee Plan Assign a settlement order for accurate accounting

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C O N F I G U R E F E E F O R A P R O G R A M M E B A T C H Go live with fees at programme batch level by assigning a fee plan Activate and deactivate fees collection Add last date of payment for penalty initiation

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T R A C K F E E S C O L L E C T I O N Get student level fee status with department programme batch and quota level filters Apply scholarship or discount at student level Get a view of due amount or excess payment from the past Add record of an offline payment cheque DD NEFT etc.Download Customised Reports

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A L U M N I P O R T A L Your mini LinkedIn for college maintain student connectivity post their graduation Current students can interact with alumni to seek guidance Create forums and groups Share your profile and stay up to date with industry

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Assign multiple advisors of college Advice students on which elective subjects to go for when semester changes Create discussion forums and groups with students A D V I S O R Y M O D U L E

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C U S T O M R E P O R T I N G Automate critical reporting such as NAAC Define parameters and set formats outline outcomes of reporting Assign departments for completing respective portions of report Consolidate at a click of a button and save thousands of hours of effort

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E N D T O E N D C U S T O M I Z A T I O N F O R A N Y A N D E V E R Y W O R K F L O W Design workflow with multiple departments and work-centres Define a different kind of actions at each work centre Map and manage administrators for each work centre Define and take complete control of the audience Customized analytics and report formats for each workflow

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R E Q U E S T M A N A G E A N D T R A C K A P P R O V A L S Faculty and Staff On-duty Leaves Campus Event Approval Project Approval Gate-Pass Hostel Leave Approval Student and Employee No-Dues Examination Leave Exception

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G R I E V A N C E S A N D C O M P L A I N T S Anti-Ragging Women Grievances Redressal Sexual Harassment Employee Complaint Redressal Parent and Student Complaint Redressal Student Counselling to address arising mental health issues among students

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I S S U A N C E Certificates Bonafide Character Residential etc. Transcripts and other academic documents Re-issuance of student faculty and employee ID cards Sports Good at common facilities Common laboratory equipment

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Our versatile architecture allows automation of all institute level workflows. Reach out to our representative below for customized requirement. We would include the functionality on request. Amneetdigiversity.info C U S T O M I Z A T I O N

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