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The Most Comprehensive LMS in India www.digiversity.info “Their LMS combined with other modules maps entire university/college lifecycle to become one stop solution for executing all daily tasks” – Dean Cairo University By Vidya Edge Hand Crafted in India

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Welcome Your End to End solution for LMS and Digitization Needs Our LMS is the most comprehensive solution in India with over 100 features for T eachers Students Administration and even Parents. With our solutions deployed across universities in the US Africa and now in India we are supporting 300K+ user as we speak. Our USP is flexibility which goes beyond LMS which includes digitization of various workflows of an institution such as Admission Alumni Student Advisory Fee Collection Course completion tracking etc. “ “ www.digiversity.info www.digiversity.info www.vidyaedge.in

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10 Years Of Solution Evolution Tailored to Institutes basis Extensive Feedback Effortlessly Supporting 300K Users Currently Our Portfolio We have been able to successfully offer solution in US and Africa across various universities and colleges. We even have our footprint in corporate where majorly our self paced learning module is used and in schools where our tailored higher education offerings are implemented www.digiversity.info www.vidyaedge.in

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Persona Activity Medium Being Used Teacher and Student Online Classes Zoom Google Classroom Google Meet MS Team etc. Assessment Google forms Hot potato PDF et c. Communication WhatsApp phone calls telegram Content Sharing WhatsApp phone calls telegram emails google drive etc. Administration Track course progress Zoom Google Classroom Google Meet MS Team etc Manage Faculty tasks and meetings Zoom Google Classroom Google Meet MS Team etc. Manage grievance WhatsApp phone calls telegram email Announcements WhatsApp phone calls telegram email www.digiversity.info How are Institutes Operating Currently How They Should Be Operating Different platforms for different activities difficult to keep track manage content and communicate One platform to track manage communicate and execute all tasks Teaching and Assessment Portal Admission Portal Administration Portal Student Portal Advisory Portal Alumni Portal Counseling Portal Grievance Handling Run Your Institute using Laptop and Mobile App www.vidyaedge.in

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Our Services Contact amneetdigiversity.info 400+ features for teachers students admin and parents Learning Management System You can simply impress your audience and add a unique zing and appeal to your Presentations. Customized Reporting Connect these and other modules to manage from click of a button Admission Student Advisory Alumni and Fee Management Track how course is performing Course Staff Compliance and Tracking Conduct online Procter examinations with Anti cheating browser lock-in ID verification AI enabled Procter Examination Onboard all your workflows such as End to End Process Digitization 01 02 03 04 05 06 www.digiversity.info www.vidyaedge.in

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How To Implement Our Solutions Simple 5 Step Process 1 2 3 4 5 Understand our offerings through extensive demo Layout all your LMS and Digitization needs Get a quote from us covering simple to understand pricing structure Run your institution flawlessly and never miss a day of operations Implement our solution in flat 2 weeks or 3 weeks if customization is involved www.digiversity.info www.vidyaedge.in

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What we Implement 5 Stage Implementation within 2 Weeks Beautifully designed page easy navigation personalized logo registration forms requirement based customization College Landing Page Solution hosting on cloud/internal servers/hybrid systems college onboardingteacher admin students connectivity with existing systems etc. Learning Management System Admission portal Advisory Portal Alumni Portal Portal Implementation 01 02 03 If a college has customized requirement developers modify/customize the solution and deploy accordingly Customization Implementation 04 05 Post implementation we set up trainings for various college staff members Training www.vidyaedge.in

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What Do You Get 01 02 03 04 Web Browser Based Application LMS along with portals modules and customization opted for IOS/Android Mobile Application T eacher Student and Parent Application having all Features Cloud Hosted or In-House Hosted or Hybrid Application can be deployed as per your preference Content Templates Content creation templates for teachers and administration www.digiversity.info www.vidyaedge.in

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End to End Digitization Services Encompassing 360 Degree Aspects of Institutions Accreditation reporting alumni portal notification management progress tracking task allocation etc. Institution Workflows Cut offs applications shortlisting counselling fee submission onboarding course info etc. Admission T eacher load exam planning access management library system compliance management cash flow visibility event management grievance handling etc. Admin Curriculum planning conducting examinations assessments live classes evaluations reporting forum discussions etc. Teachers T aking assessments and examinations virtual classrooms discussion forums self paced learning mark attendance etc. Students www.digiversity.info www.vidyaedge.in

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Mobile Application Perform all Activities Using Our Mobile Application Conduct online classes Teacher Application You can simply impress your audience and add a unique zing and appeal to your Presentations. Student Application You can simply impress your audience and add a unique zing and appeal to your Presentations. Parent Application Interactive Learning Simple Your Text Here Three Applications at no extra cost www.digiversity.info www.vidyaedge.in

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Should You Have Existing Tech Knowledge No even if you haven’t heard of LMS you can still implement all our solutions easily If you don’t have servers don’t worry we host entire solution on most trusted cloud platforms having optimum security . You data is safe with us. We provide extensive training to your staff post implementation to make them comfortable using our solution Post implementation 247 technical and ticketing system support www.digiversity.info www.vidyaedge.in

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How Can We Digitize Your Institution Level of Implementation 100+ features + basic customization Learning Management System LMS + Procter Examination + Additional Portals Admission + Alumni + Fee Management LMS + Portals + Examination Customized Digitized Workflows enhanced reporting new feature development deep customization of existing feature 01 02 03 Benefit to Recipient Institute Digitization Meter Teacher – 100 Student – 100 Admin – 50 pending – admissions course/staff progress monitoring student advisory alumni interactions etc. Teacher – 100 Student – 100 Admin – 70 pending – daily task workflows digitization 40 70 100 Teacher – 100 Student – 100 Admin – 100 www.digiversity.info www.vidyaedge.in

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What Makes Us Competitive The Most Comprehensive and High Utility Solution In India We beat our competition in price per feature flexibility of customization technology integration and ease of implementation “ “ www.digiversity.info www.digiversity.info www.vidyaedge.in

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Competitive Feature Comparison India Market

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Feature MOODLE Based Other Technology Digiversity Mobile App iOS Android Offline Learning Learning paths Cash Flow Management Native Content Authoring Tool Support Embedding External Resources Whiteboard w ith Video Teacher Mobile App Supports Rich Media Content Personalized Learning Audio Video Support Collaboration Tool Group Management Analytics: 3-Dimensional Trending Report Analytics: Student Behaviour Course Progres s Advance Reporting Zero Infrastructure Hybrid CDN Setup Yes No Limited Competitive Feature Comparison India Part 1/2 www.digiversity.info www.vidyaedge.in

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Feature MOODLE Other Platforms Digiversity Dedicated Support Timetable Management Compliance Management Offline Attendance System Attendance Using QR Code and WiFi White Labelling Admission Portal Offline/Online Academic Advisory Cohort Management Offline/Online Payment Live Classroom Live Audio-Video Dean/HOD/Management Dashboard Gamification WhiteBoard BVI Support Cash Flow Management Multi-Lingual Support Alumni Portal Mentorship Yes No Limited Competitive Feature Comparison India Part 2/2 www.digiversity.info www.vidyaedge.in

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Our Most Unique and Differentiating Features Offline Mode No internet No Worries Continue creating and uploading content attempt assignments upload attendance etc. The system will store and sync all your activities whenever you get connected to internet. Admission Portal Fully customizable portal according to your admission steps cut offs weightage allocation qualification tests course fee collection manage applications approval stages etc. Alumni and Mentorship Portal Interact with alumni manage discussions assign institute mentors enroll mentees assign tasks manage onboarding of new students handle issues guide freshers Compliance Module Track progress of course set parameters for compliance breach assign rules by department course or activity download reports on teacher activity or course level Advisory Module Assign different advisors/counselors of institution advise students on choosing subjects during semester change conduct student counseling manage various queries Advanced Reporting Get access to easy to understand analytics and download reporting of all critical functions in various formats. Get your customized reporting developed by us basis your requirements. www.vidyaedge.in

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Pricing Structure Cost Effective Transparent and Easy to Understand Free Access for T eachers Administration Additional roles www.digiversity.info Free Content Creation Templates for T eachers Administration Additional roles www.digiversity.info ₹60 Per Student Per Month “Billed Annually” All Features Included Other Charges • We charge 1 time set up cost which entails complete onboarding of institute integration with existing systems developing institute brand landing pages college branding on web and Android/IOS mobile applications. The fee varies by institution contact below to get a quote. Contact – AmneetDigiversity.info www.digiversity.info www.vidyaedge.in

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Best Price in Market Other Companies Pricing for Colleges in India with 2000 Students and Above ₹120 Per Student Per Month www.digiversity.info ₹170 Per Student Per Month ₹190 Per Student Per Month ₹260 Per Student Per Month ₹60 Per Student Per Month Moodle LMS My E-Class LMS Talent LMS Abara LMS Digiversity Administration Control Customization Mobile Application Gov t. College Experience Features Experience in LMS Limited None to Limited No No 1 Year 5 Years Limited None to Limited No No No 2 Years Comprehensiv e Comprehensiv e Yes Yes 5 Years 10 Years Limited None to Limited Yes Yes 3 Year 4 Years Limited None to Limited No No 1 Year 5 Years Rate Company name Price Metric www.vidyaedge.in

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Most Frequent LMS Complaints Basis own and external data 80 50 40 70 60 80 Of Institutes feel their current LMS is not mapped to all institution/college needs Various LMS solutions in the market do not offer extensive administration features to manage multiple aspects of a college. They find themselves looking for alternative ways of conducting daily tasks online instead of leveraging only one platform. Institutes believe that their needs are not completely understood by LMS providers as the features are majorly focused on teacher and student interaction with limited customization and integration capability. LMS is not fully mapped to our daily lifecycle LMS feature usage in institution is low LMS after sales support is poor LMS does not function offline LMS functionality is restricted to MOODLE framework www.digiversity.info www.vidyaedge.in

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Thank you Contact – AmneetDigiversity.Info +91 9999332835

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