Telecom Billing And Its Importance Amongst Telecom Service Providers

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Telecom Billing And Its Importance Amongst Telecom Service Providers


Definition The concept of telecom billing is definitely important for both the telecom company as well as the customer. According to the definition, it is the group of processes, which is responsible for collecting consumption data and then calculating the charges. Once the charges and other billing information are in place, the system concentrates on producing the bill to customers and finally collecting the payments. The concept of billing is important, as it is essential to arrive at the exact amount. Customers will not enjoy the idea of charged more. Alternatively, any lesser amount as the telecom bill will mean lower revenues for the telecom company.


Classification The billing function is further divided into three major areas. They are operation, information management and financial management. The operations system includes capturing the usage record. Actually, it all depends upon the industry. It could be call detail records, charging data records, or even network traffic management issues. It goes into details as it focuses on total time of calls for each tariff zone and even the short messages, which have been sent. The information management focuses on function, which are responsible to support customer information, product and service data as well as pricing models. Finally there is the financial management where the focus is on payment tracking and processing. Its functions are also inclusive of mapping correspondence of consumed services and the payments made.

How to Differentiate between BSS & OSS:

How to Differentiate between BSS & OSS Then there are areas of convergent billing. It is a system where multiple services are provided, but a unified bill is sent to a specific account or customer. Now all this is quite tough and if it involves a huge customer base, then things can get quite complicated. In such circumstances opting for the BSS OSS software support systems should be the perfect step. The OSS stands for operational support systems while the BSS is for business support systems.

Importance of OSS:

Importance of OSS The operational support system focuses on back office activities, which operate a telecom company’s network. The system also looks into provisions and maintains customer services. Network planners and service designers traditionally use the OSS software. The BSS software focuses on billing order management, customer relationship management and call centre automation. The OSS deals with passed service orders and supplies service assurance information. The BSS layer is referred to as orders down faults up. The whole idea is to arrive at the perfect billing amount and one must look for a software system, which will help in this regard.

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