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DARTS performance:

DARTS performance Goran Sporiš, PhD. Faculty of Kinesiology

The Throw:

The Throw

The grip:

The grip Point up Solid but not tensed How many fingers Barrel shape No fist

The stance:

The stance The shoulder angle The feet angle Weight distribution Leaning forward Balance Torso

“White Moment”:

“White Moment” Have you ever heard of a Russian Term called   a "White Moment"? It is said to occur at the point in a   match in which the victor takes the game from the   loser. It isn't necessarily the game ending shot,   but the shot that decides the outcome. It is that   horrible moment in which one compettitor's psyche   is destroyed and the others confidence boosted to   the point where the outcome is inevitable. In   America we call it "Being in the zone". I would   love to hear any thoughts you have on it in a   future column and, of course, any techniques you   could share for attaining that state would be   appreciated.   J ason Davenport

Darts and Science:

Darts and Science Throwing accurately has been an important skill in many situations, from the Stone Age to present-day sports.

PowerPoint Presentation:

studies have shown that precise control of the release timing is the most important factor for an accurate throw

Two Types of Motor Strategy for Accurate Dart Throwing Nasu et al. (2014) PLoS One :

Two Types of Motor Strategy for Accurate Dart Throwing Nasu et al. (2014) PLoS One

PowerPoint Presentation:

Strategy for Complementary Hand Trajectory Pattern Strategy for Reducing Variability in Release Timing Measures of Timing Precision Which Strategy is more Beneficial?

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