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What is Childhood ? What is Adulthood ? You are at what stage?

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In this poem the poet is in a dilemma as to where his childhood has disappeared. He is not sure ,at what stage he should make the demarcation.


Comparison Childhood Innocence Can be seen on an infant’s face Loving Dependant on adults Adulthood Hypocrisy Individuality Rationalism Independent


Childhood When did my childhood go ? Was it the day I ceased to be eleven. Was it the time I realised that Hell and Heaven, Could not be found in Geography, And therefore could not be, Was that the day! When did my childhood go ? Was it the time I realised that adults were not All they seemed to be, They talked of love and preached of love, But did not act so lovingly, Was that the day! When did my childhood go? Was it when I found my mind was really mine, To use which ever way I choose, Producing thoughts that were not those of other people But my own and mine alone Was that the day! Where did my childhood go It went to some forgotten place, That is hidden in an infant’s face, That’s all I know.

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The Poet is in a dilemma - when did he lose his childhood -was it at eleven -when he became aware that heaven and hell cannot be found in geography -and so concluded ,they do not exist.

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When did his childhood go? - when he realized that adults were hypocrites -they advised others to be loving, but themselves were hardly affectionate.

When did the poet lose his childhood?:

When did the poet lose his childhood? Was it- When he realized that he was the master of his mind Took his own decisions Sense of individuality dawned on him

Where did the poet’s childhood disappear?:

Where did the poet’s childhood disappear? To some forgotten place Hidden in an infant’s face


THEME Outlines the difference between childhood and adulthood Childhood is a stage that follows infancy Adulthood is a stage that follows childhood.


SIMILAR POEMS A childhood forgotten, A childhood lost A childhood forgotten, a childhood lost By: Dani B. I can't remember, Skipping rocks on the pond, My childhoods forgotten, My Childhoods lost, Going to the lake, Sitting on the beach, Playing with friends, or dancing in the streets, I can't remember, The crash in the fog, My childhood was forgotten, My childhood was lost,

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By Richa dora & Amit nayak

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