Personal Branding Basics


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Basics of Personal Branding (including online and offline tools)


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Personal Branding Basics:

Dr Amit Nagpal Personal Branding Consultant Personal Branding Basics

Personal Branding- An Introduction :

Personal Branding- An Introduction Personal Branding is a way of communicating what makes you different and special or the unique value you can offer to your employer or client. According to Wikipedia , Personal Branding is the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands.

Personal Branding- An Introduction:

Personal Branding- An Introduction Richard Branson, Madonna and Oprah Winfrey are just a few of the incredibly successful people who have used personal branding and now many middle management professionals as well as self employed professionals use Personal Branding.

Personal Branding vs Image Management:

Personal Branding vs Image Management Personal Branding is based on authenticity, while image management is a spin or a projection (sometimes of what you are not). Image management builds a image for the outside world while Personal Branding is based on the real and genuine strengths, values and passions.

Benefits of Personal Branding:

Benefits of Personal Branding A product brand offers a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to the customer and in the same way a Personal Brand offers a Unique Value to the employer or client (in terms of strengths and passions of the person which are of value) To get buy-in for internal promotion To brand yourself as an expert of knowledge or skills To raise your credibility among customers, financial institutions

Benefits of Personal Branding (cont’d):

Benefits of Personal Branding (cont’d) To project your strengths and your uniqueness To counter any negative publicity or rumors To become a celebrity in your own right

Who needs Personal Branding?:

Who needs Personal Branding? Though anyone including student can go for Personal Branding with long term interests, it is more useful for the following categories of people (any situation where the person is more critical than the product) Professionals-Architects, Lawyers, Doctors, Consultants, Actors, Professors & Experts Senior Managerial Cadre- Sr Managers, GM, VP, CEO Entrepreneurs- Specially Small and medium business entrepreneurs (raise credibility among banks and venture capitalists)

Personal Branding Tools:

Personal Branding Tools Digital Tools-Linkedin, Quora, Facebook Page, Personal Portal, Enewsletters and so on Offline Tools-Print & TV Media relations, Books/articles publishing, Associations, Conferences and so on

Duration for Building Personal Brands:

Duration for Building Personal Brands It depends upon several factors like existing branding, scale of branding (regional, national, global), domain (broad or niche) and time you are ready to put in. But it takes one to three years to create a successful personal brand.

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