Willowson Flooring offers luxury oak wood flooring

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Looking for Oak Flooring, Hardwood Flooring ? Browse through our online selection of wood flooring. Call us on +44 (0)20 8368 7111 for more details.


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Willowson Flooring offers luxury oak wood flooring at an unbeatable price

Willowson Flooring Give You Special offer:

Willowson Flooring Give You Special offer Try at home before you buy Choice of up to 3 oak flooring samples for free

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Engineered Oak Wood Flooring Engineered boards are produced by adhering the hardwood wear layer to several core/base layers and are specifically designed to be more dimensionally stable than solid boards, whilst they can be directly adhered to the sub floor, they are more commonly ‘floated’ on top of an underlay. Willowson also offer a hard wearing option in the multilayer range. Extremely wide, extremely thick, extremely heavy, extremely stable and extremely versatile. With an overall thickness of 20mm, constructed by adhering a 6mm hardwood wear layer on to a 14mm plywood base, this product can be pinned across floor joists, glued directly to the sub-floor or floated on a suitable underlay, and can also be installed above under floor heating.

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Solid Oak Wood Flooring For those who prefer the idea of a solid hardwood floor, keep in mind that the wear layer is only that part of the board which sits above the top of the tongue, in consequence the wear layer is often as thick on an engineered board as it is on a solid board. Solid hardwood flooring is produced from a solid slab of timber and whilst it offers a more traditional construction it is also less stable than engineered alternatives. Solid boards are more commonly either pinned or directly adhered to the sub floor.

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Lacquered Lacquered hardwood floors are pretty much non-maintenance. Obviously they need to be swept over with a soft broom from time to time and occasionally wiped over with a lightly moistened mop or damp cloth. They will however show scratch marks with usage, as would a lacquered table top. Oiled (UV) Oiled floors on the other hand are much more forgiving where scratching is concerned. Scratches tend to be less obvious and are also much easier to repair locally. A light sand, followed by the re-application of oil, will generally restore the appearance of the flooring without the need to re-finish the entire area.

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Grade: Nature or Rustic? It is most important to be happy with the grade of timber you choose to obtain the look and feel you require. At Willowson Flooring our products fall into one of two groups as below. Nature (AB Grade) A Grade timber is taken from the core of the trunk and tends to be clean with a uniform grain structure. Moving outwards from the core of the trunk is B Grade timber which will become slightly more varied in colour with some pin knots. Expect variation in the natural sapwood colour, limited character marks, sound knots of less than 3mm, mineral streaks of less than 3mm x 100mm. No stains, checks or splits. Rustic (CD Grade Mixed) Moving towards the perimeter of the trunk is the CD Grade timber. This will become more rustic & varied in appearance. All colour variations allowed and all characteristics of the species allowed. A serviceable floor after knot holes, checks, splits and other imperfections are filled and finished.

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Willowson mail, PO Box 66574, London N11 9DF Call us on +44 (0)20 8368 7111 Email us on info@willowsonflooring.co.uk www.willowsonflooring.co.uk

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