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Energy Crisis : 

Energy Crisis 2008

Policy by Party : 

Policy by Party Republicans Support off-shore drilling for oil. Nuclear power for an alternative. Support more individual changes to energy than federal. Democrats Wind and solar power for alternatives. Tax incentives to individuals who invest in new sources. More federal changes in energy, but still at home changes.

Nominees : 

Nominees John McCain More off-shore drilling and nuclear. Remove the tariffs and subsidizing oil. Supports bio-fuels and raising fuel economy. Incentives for newer, cleaner technology. Barack Obama Incentives for people to get renewable energy. Increase fuel economy. Go solar and winder power. Make changes at home to save energy. Put a cap on pollution.

Oil : 

Oil Pros Already have the infrastructure. Widely accepted for use. Cons Costly and still rising. Unsure about the current supply. Must import most of it from the Middle East. Pollutes. 2/3 of oil is used in transportation.

Green Coal : 

Green Coal Pros. USA has several hundred year supply. Lower prices. Less pollution if scrubbers are used. Already used for energy. 50% of American electricity from coal. Cons. Still some pollution. Stuck on a nonrenewable resource still. Awful for the environment. Strip mining, river pollution.

Nuclear Power : 

Nuclear Power Pros 19% of the current US energy supply. Nonpolluting source of energy. Cheap power source. Cons Highly subsidized. What to do with the waste? Costly to use and build plants. Terrorist targets? Risks of malfunctions at a plant? Chernobyl.

Solar Power. : 

Solar Power. Pros 100% clean energy. Subsidies available for starting up. Feed power back into the grid for money. No longer just in panel form, can get solar shingles. Cons Expensive to start up. Not widely available in some areas. No mass production of solar cells yet.

Wind Power. : 

Wind Power. Pros 100% clean energy. Suitable for most areas. Subsidies are possible from government. Power to feed power into the grid = money. Cons No infrastructure yet. Costly to get turbines. Not all areas are suitable.

Pollution : 

Pollution Either way, the pollution from current sources is killing the Earth. The amount of pollution that comes from coal and oil add up. And nuclear has no clear way for disposal. The damage from the past is done, but we need to get away from our past methods and get clean energy tech going.

Graphs : 

Graphs Energy from all sources ->. Peak oil graph.

US energy. : 

US energy.

Where it Starts. : 

Where it Starts. The solution starts at home. Change the light bulbs to fluorescent, shut off the lights when your done. Carpool and save fuel. Weatherize your home for the winter and keep the hot air from getting out. Simply changes can add up over time. Just around the house changes would have savings, a new Prius or solar system isn’t needed.

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