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NEW SINGLE FAMILY HOMES IN ODENTON MD - A MOVE TOWARDS EXCELLENCE The preferences of property buyers in the US are changing. According to Forbes 2 out of every 5 Americans a staggering 41 of the population strongly prefer the idea of buying new single-family homes over used properties. The concept of ‘New’ means exactly that – a brand new home that has never been lived in before. Some families in Odenton even choose to buy homes in the pre-construction phase. So what exactly is it that is attracting home buyers towards new single family homes in Odenton MD Let’s explore how making this choice can help you move towards excellence in comforts and style: Option for customization This form of property investment allows you to get help from a custom home builder to design your new home according to your preferences. No need to make-do with the construction choices of the previous owner of the property. You now have the option to get your new home built with your personal touch involved. Little need for maintenance Peace of mind happens to be one of the biggest advantages of buying a new single family home. You wouldn’t have to worry about maintenance issues and construction problems for many years with this kind of a property. Conversely with buying a pre-owned house you will always have the possibility of some kind maintenance task on your hand at all times. Modern conveniences Older homes are designed in accordance with the construction systems and practices prevalent in their time. With new single homes many modern standard conveniences such as networked wiring systems built-in dishwashers microwaves are part of the build project which ensures you don’t have to worry about these things after moving in. Energy efficiency New single family homes are designed and constructed to match with current construction codes and build practices – the most important being energy efficiency tweaks and installations. From insulated walls ceilings and floors to dual pane windows better appliances and solar power – you get access to everything necessary to reduce your energy bill and ensure better living. Tech compatibility These homes will always be in-step with current times. Any digital convenience or modern home tech that is in-trend can be easily installed and used in your new home. Alarm systems internet wiring door speaker systems CCTV installation and everything else that a home might need to be comfortable and safe for you to live in will be compatible with these homes. Pre-owned houses tend to require a lot of overhaul for making them tech compatible. That “new house feel” There is something about a brand new house that tends to appeal to people’s senses. The smell of fresh paint the perfection of newly installed upholstery and the luxury of brand new appliances – everything in this house will let you enjoy excellence in living. So you see moving in a new single family home in Odenton MD will help you move towards ultimate luxuries and conveniences. Why would you choose any other option

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