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AMERICAN TESOL INSTITUTE: Your guide to teach English overseas AMERICAN TESOL INSTITUTE (ATI) was launched in 2004 in Florida, United States of America and since then it has been training students to teach English overseas by providing in-class and TESOL certificate online courses which have been accepted worldwide. English is a universal language and is spoken worldwide; a lot more people want to learn English to get into the flow of the technologically advanced world because English is the language of technology. One must know English to be aware of new advances in the world because more than 50% internet is nothing but English. Learning English is considered rewarding today but teaching English is all the more enriching and rewarding. English teachers have so many opportunities worldwide especially in those countries where English is used as a second language. But teaching English in those countries where English is not the mother tongue of the people, is little complicated as you have to be exceptionally skilled for this work. That’s why an aspirant has to clear TESOL certification to be eligible for this. To get TESOL certification one has to study hard and take up TESOL online courses from a reputed and trusted institute. AMERICAN TESOL INSTITUTE has been helping graduates to get TESOL CERTIFICATION and make a rewarding and respectable career in Japan, Russia, China, Gulf countries where English teachers are in high demand. TESOL certified teachers are preferred there and get compensated relatively with many perks. AMERICAN TESOL INSTITUTE offers different courses to cater to different requirements of the candidates. They offer in-class and TESOL certificate online courses for the convenience of the candidates. TESOL online courses are beneficial as candidates can attend the classes and clear their doubts anywhere and anytime by using World Wide Web. Candidate can choose the study material as per their preference digital or hard copy and it can be delivered to their doorstep. In classes, courses are also a popular choice for those who prefer to learn face-to- face. Below are discussed the courses offered by AMERICAN TESOL INSTITUTE- TESOL ADVANCED COURSE: This is 80 hours online course in which students learn methods and approaches of TESOL and base knowledge of teaching English as a second language. TESOL FOR CHILDREN: This course’s duration is 60 hours, and in this course, students are provided with the knowledge of different development stages of children from two to seventeen years. Students learn to use methods and strategy of classroom teaching. TESOL FOE BUSINESS CERTIFICATION: This is 60 hours course focussing on teaching English to business professionals. Some combination courses are also available: - TESOL FOUNDATION TESOL EXPERT TESOL IN-CLASS


AMERICAN TESOL INSTITUTE also provides job placement support on the completion of TESOL onlinecourses. For detailed inquiry, you can call on 1-877-748-7900, or visit the website https:// They are also active on all social media pages like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

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