Finding the Drive for Summer School Online

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Very few students consider summer school to be the best possible way to spend their summer. They imagine hanging out with their friends, relaxing by the pool, or going on vacation with their families, not spending the summer completing schoolwork.


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Finding the Drive for Summer School Online Very few students consider summer school to be the best possible way to spend their summer. They imagine hanging out with their friends relaxing by the pool or going on vacation with their families not spending the summer completing schoolwork. Attending summer school online offers a little bit more freedom but it also offers more opportunities for slacking off getting behind and not completing the classwork the way you should. Write a schedule and stick to it. Go through your coursework and look at the work that youll have to complete throughout the summer. Break it down into what you need to do each week and then down to what youll need to accomplish on an average day. Once you have that schedule written stick to it This summer online summer school needs to be at the top of your priority list. Schedule in some fun As youre writing that schedule make sure you keep a little bit of fun in there somewhere. Your summer schedule should include all the things that you normally do for fun. Sure it has to be penciled in around your schoolwork this year but that doesnt mean that you have to miss out Instead try being mindful with your time. If you really want to go spend an afternoon hanging out with your friends thats not a problem as long as your schoolwork is already done. Choose to complete it early instead of spending the morning messing around on your social media accounts or texting your friends. Youll see them in person soon

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Start a solid routine early in the summer. Even if you attend online classes during the normal school year summer is different. Theres often a slower pace to the rest of your life. Your extracurricular activities are different your ability to spend time with your friends is different and even your siblings availability may be different. Once youve got a good idea of what summer is going to look like for you set a schedule that will let both you and your friends and family members know when you need to work on your schoolwork. Write out why youre choosing summer school this year. Did illness or excessive absences cause you to fail a class that you have to have in order to graduate Are you trying to pick up a few extra credits so that you can graduate early or because youre particularly interested in a certain subject Did you goof off too many times throughout the school year forcing yourself to pick up the slack over the summer Write down your reasons for deciding on summer school this year--and dont just focus on what you did wrong. Be sure to include your true motivation for attending online summer school. Ultimately you need this class. Focusing on your reason for needing it will help you find the motivation to keep pushing through even when it gets hard. Finding the motivation to get through summer school can be challenging. Its also one of the most worthwhile things youll do for your academic career. Whether youre catching up because youre a few credits behind or blasting ahead to get a jump on the next school year attending summer school online will give you everything you need to succeed. For more details visit: American Online High School 7777 Davie Road Extension Admissions Room 201B Hollywood FL 33024 phone: 888-420-2703 email:

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