World’s Greatest Moving Checklist, Part 2

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At this point, we’ve covered the things you should be doing eight weeks out and six weeks out from your move.


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World’s Greatest Moving Checklist Part 2 At this point we’ve covered the things you should be doing eight weeks out and six weeks out from your move. You’ve begun to collect boxes you’ve requested transcripts from your kids’ school and you’ve made an appointment o have your vehicle serviced. But there is still a lot to do Four weeks out • Start to research the area. Check out local web pages Yelp and the local news paper to start to bring yourself up to speed on local things to do which area restaurants are best and where the parks and pools are located. • Collect all of your important financial documents and put them in one place. • Call your moving company in Denver Colorado to find out if you’ll need any permitting for the day the truck arrives. • Begin to research and purchase moving insurance. • If you think you may need help with landscaping or snow removal at your new home now is the time to start researching those options. • Return movies library books and video game rentals. If you’ve remembered that you’ve borrowed things from your neighbors you’ll want to return those items too. • Go onto the USPS website and submit a change of address. Call your credit card companies and your car insurance provide and have them update your info. • Research cable and/or internet companies that are in your new service area and call to schedule an install appointment. • Contact the gas and electric company that services your new neighborhood to make sure service will be on when you arrive.

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• Do you have pets If the answer is yes you’ll want to reach out to their vet so you can request copies of their medical records. • If you’re moving to another country ask your vet about examination and vaccination requirements. Article Source: part-2-94435074625

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