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Book American airlines flights and fly to this lovely land-locked country that has so much to offer to its tourists. However, do check out the American airlines deals to book a flight well in advance and save money too. Make an American Airlines Reservations to visit this grand castle complex today! Check out the American airlines official sitetoday to book a flight to this historical country. BLOG SOURCE:


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Explore the Beautiful Historical Sites in the Czech with American Airlines Flights One of the tiniest yet prettiest countries of Central Europe Czech Republic also known as the Republic of Czechoslovakia is popular among tourists across the globe. Book American airlines flights and fly to this lovely land- locked country that has so much to offer to its tourists. From the medieval castles ancient battlegrounds to the towering memorials and cathedrals each place tells a story which has earned the Czech Republic the name of “land of stories.” If this intrigues you and you wish to know the places of historical significance here’s a list that can help you. However do check out the American airlines deals to book a flight well in advance and save money too. 1. Austerlitz Battlefield: We have all read about the Battle of Austerlitz also known as the battle of the Three Emperors that took place during the rule of the mighty emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. It was the battle where Napoleon won over the combined Army of the Russians and the Austrians. Today on the battlefield stands the Cairn of Peace to commemorate the battle. A chapel and

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a museum are also present on the battlefield that allows tourists to see the multimedia displays and exhibits about the battle and learn more about it. 2. Prague Castle: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest castle complex of the world the Prague castle is one of the primary attractions in the Czech Republic. Built originally in 880 AD the castle complex today comprises of the Gothic Saint Vitus Cathedral St. George’s Basilica Lobkowicz Palace and Golden Lane. It also includes a few more palaces art galleries and museums viewing towers and even a monastery. It is a rich storehouse of Czech history and heritage and most definitely not to be missed on a tour. Make an American Airlines Reservations to visit this grand castle complex today 3. Prague’s Old Town Square: Once the city’s main marketplace the Prague Old Town Square was established in the 12th Century. The town square is dotted with buildings that date back to the 10th Century historic landmarks and ancient houses. Visit the square to witness the St. Nicholas Church and the Old Town City Hall that has the famous astronomical clock in the premises. The list does not end here since the beautiful country has historical sites in every nook and cranny. Check out the American airlines official site today to book a flight to this historical country.

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