How to Resolve HP Officejet Pro 8710 Keeps Going Offline Problem


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Get the best troubleshooting methods to fix HP Printer offline errors on Windows 10 or Mac easily. My Printer keeps showing an offline error message frequently, faced on Envy 4500, 5000, Officejet 8710, 3830 series.


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How to Resolve HP Officejet Pro 8710 Keeps Going Offline Problem Amelia Sampson HELPCONTACT247

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Connectivity issues with wireless printers are often. Around 50 of wireless printer users face this issue once. It may halt the user in a situation where they are ready to throw the device out of the window. Solution-1 Perform Network Power Drain • First of all turn off or disconnect all the devices connected to your networks such as PC laptop phone or modem. • Next you need to wait for at least 3 minutes. • Now turn ON your modem if there and wait till all the lights become steady and idle.

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• Now you need to turn ON your router and wait until all the lights become steady. • Finally turn ON all the devices such as PCs laptops phones. Use HP Printer and Scan Doctor to Examine Connectivity • First you need to download the special version of HP print and scan doctor to which is used to fix the offline problem. • Download HP Printer and Scan Doctor. • Now you need to execute the".exe" file from the download section of your computer.

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• When HP Print and Scans Doctor opens up. Then you need to click on start and select your printer. • If your printer device is not listed. Then you need to turn OFF and then ON your printer device and then click on Retry. • If still there is a connection problem. Then follow the guide from the HP Scan and Doctor window. • If it notifies you to turn ON printer update then click on Yes. • If the screen prompts you to select the printer as your default printer then click on Yes. • Finally try to print any document. If the problem remains the same then follow the next solution.

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If the problem persists then you need to update the firmware of the HP Officejet Pro 8710 printer. If your printer is connected wirelessly you are supposed to temporarily connect the device with the USB cable. You can download and install the firmware update from the printer control panel as well. After updating the firmware you need to restart the printer. Now you need to examine the blue light on the printer. If it is steady blue then your printer is connected to the network. If the light keeps on flashing then you need to connect your printer to the wireless network. To do so click on the

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Network on the printer control panel then on Wireless Setup Wizard. For more details please follow our article post on how to resolve hp officejet pro 8710 printer keeps going offline on windows 10. Read More: A complete guide for hp printer wireless setup on windows 10 How to easily fix hp officejet 3830 series attention required message Solutions to resolve hp printer fuser error code 50.2 How to quickly fix common hp printer issues online

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