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Sales force effectiveness will track your business and help you manage it. You can find some that are industry specific and come loaded with all of the tools you need for your industry. These are the easiest to set up, requiring only a little tweaking to get up and working. There is a much better way to handle this.


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Veloxy combines the power of many apps into one, providing you and your sales team with the information you need, when you need it right at your fingertips. Compatible with iOS , Veloxy turns your iPhone , iPad and Apple Watch into highly effective sales tools that save time, increase productivity and make you more successful. Veloxy is fueled by a rich SaaS platform that aggregates data from internal and external information systems (corporate, CRM, geo-location and social media) then presents it contextually, available with a single tap on your mobile device.

Proactive Notifications:

Proactive Notifications Never worry about missing notifications again!

Geo-Location Lead Management:

Geo-Location Lead Management Be more productive on the road! See nearby leads and optimize your route. A single tap gives you background on a lead. With another tap on the map, you can create a new lead. See clustered view of all your leads.

My Meetings:

My Meetings Veloxy gives you everything you need for your next meeting, right at your fingertips!  One tap directions.  One tap contact information. One tap to call to confirm. Need more info? With one tap, My Contacts gives you the background you need to be successful. Veloxy lets you create notes, create tasks and update opportunities. What’s more, everything is automatically saved in Salesforce , providing you and your team with up-to-date, real-time pipeline analytics anytime, every time.

Digital Planner and Organizer:

Digital Planner and Organizer Meetings aggregated from Exchange or Outlook 365 and Google. Real-time view of your Opportunity pipeline. Real-time view of your Tasks. Contacts aggregated from Salesforce , Exchange or Outlook 365, Google and your Phone. Emails aggregated from Exchange or Outlook 365 and Google.

My Team:

My Team With Veloxy , sales managers and execs can view their team’s opportunity pipeline in real-time, so they can spend more time coaching and less time “nagging” for updates. Enables higher quality team interactions. Lets you view real-time Opportunity pipeline for the entire team. Communicate and collaborate with the team members for more productive outcomes. Get notifications about team activities.

My Contacts:

My Contacts Meeting someone? Don’t worry, Veloxy has your back. With a single tap you can prepare for any meeting in minutes. You don’t need to spend hours searching across different systems. Using proprietary technology, Veloxy identifies the Contact and aggregates relevant data from Salesforce , LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, CrunchBase , Google Scholar and your emails, calendars and phone.

My Opportunities:

My Opportunities Using Veloxy you can get a complete overview of an Opportunity in minutes. Veloxy aggregates all information found in your emails, tasks, notes and meetings that are relevant to an opportunity. Update an Opportunity and your Salesforce is automatically updated as well!

My Tasks:

My Tasks Create, edit and complete a task with just a few taps on your mobile device! Automatic syncs to Salesforce save time and increase productivity. A single tap lets you associate a task with an Opportunity, an Account or a Contact. Another tap lets you send an email or make a  phone call.  Quick.  Easy.  You’ll wonder how you ever lived without Veloxy before!

My Search:

My Search Using Veloxy you can search for Opportunities, Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Tasks, Notes, Emails, and Meetings & Events. Intent-based search capability (e.g., job title, phone number, etc.) lets you perform targeted search for exact information needed.

Actionable Emails:

Actionable Emails Veloxy sends notification when you receive an important email. Forgot to respond to an important email?  No worries. Veloxy reminds you. And with a single tap you can create a task from an email and sync it with Salesforce immediately.

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