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Wearing Short Sleeve Shirts Right Can Impart a Different Dimension to Your Look Short sleeve shirt is sometimes related with nerds and this is why many look forward to steer clear of being caught. As tricky as styling Short Sleeve Shirts does seem and know that it is a menswear staple and wearing it right can impart a different dimension to your look. This blog gives you some helpful rules and crucial key points for styling short sleeve shirt. You need to bear all these tips in mind if you’re looking for a fashion style statement that demands. The print It is usual to be overwhelmed with huge range of prints of short sleeve shirts available in market. If you are not sure of the prints it is better to avoid them and go for plaids and strips. As with the color the prints must be in a hue that would suit your skin tone. Here a crucial point is to mind your pants plain when you are going for a printed shirt. The color Unlike what you’d think colors do play a crucial point to identify how to look in a certain piece of attire. Now mens fashion like Made in Turkey Shirts in lighter colors will seem best on a person with medium or dark skin tone. Even the black and white

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works well on almost everyone as do chambray and navy blue. Therefore it is crucial to mind no matter the color you select it must coordinate with the rest of your outfit. If you are not sure of the color you can take someone to help you out or ask the sales person. The fit As with all shirts the ones with short sleeve must be worn with the right fit. As shirts aren’t made of natural strength fabrics or polos or unlike t-shirts their fit must be correct to your body type and shape making sure of a great look. Here the shoulder seam must sit on slightly above the edge of your shoulder. Even the button must be comfortably buttoned with no stretching or bunching in the middle. It is therefore crucial to mind the sleeve ensuring they fit snugly around your arm and doesn’t stand up in an angle. CONTACT US: 10025 102A Ave NW Edmonton Alberta T5J 2Z2 Canada Email: Call: 780-242-2606

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