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Part 1- Minoan Civilization: 

Part 1- Minoan Civilization By Amanda Block

Minoan Civilization: 

Minoan Civilization By Amanda Block


Economics How to feed the people? A Minoan man with fish

What did the Minoans eat?: 

What did the Minoans eat? The Minoans ate very well No surviving recipes Fish Crete is an island,surrounded by fish Beef Very Rare for the Minoans Pork Vegetables Bread A Minoan vase that would store food


Farming Olive Trees Olive Oil Fruits Oranges Lemons Grapes Wine Wheat Barley Millet An Olive Tree in Greece




Military How to protect the people?

The Minoan’s Military: 

The Minoan’s Military No evidence of military Minimal defense walls surrounding their city Very peaceful people Believed that nobody would harm them A Minoan man


Government How to govern the people?

The Rulers of the Minoan Civilization: 

The Rulers of the Minoan Civilization Queen Ruled the Land King Ruled the Sea G-ddesses Priests Priestesses Scribes Religion and Government were closely related

Others in the Minoan Civilization: 

Others in the Minoan Civilization Craftsmen Farmers Traders Artisans Slaves Women and Men were equals in the civilization Minoan workers


Clothing What did the people wear? Minoan Clothing

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