Centrifugal Pump and Its Dominant Functionalities

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Since many decades, pumps have been used in various industries for transmission of fluids. Centrifugal pump is widely famous for its ease of functionalities like long range transmission, handling high pressure and temperature, high operating capacity, pull-out design for easy removal etc.


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Application and Functioning of a Centrifugal Pump A centrifugal pump is a dynamic work-absorbing turbo machinery also known as hydrodynamic pressure pump. Centrifugal pumps work on the basis of centrifugal force and are used to transport fluids. The rotational energy of these types of pumps is supplied through an electric motor. The centrifugal pumps are utilized in the pumping of water petroleum sewage and petrochemicals. They need an increase in horsepower when they are used to pump non-viscous liquids which are denser such as fertilizers and chemicals. The Functioning of a Centrifugal Pump A centrifugal pump works like a dynamic pressure pump to raise the pressure of a liquid. The Impeller is a key part of the centrifugal pump which possesses sequences of curved vanes snugged in the shroud plates. The fluid comes in the pump impeller along rotating axis and is accelerated by the impeller flowing radially outward into the volute chamber or casing and it exits from there. The rotational energy is transformed from a motor. Some energy is converted into kinetic energy of the fluid. The impeller is immersed in the water. When the impeller is rotated fluid surrounding it also rotates. The fluid pass in the axially by the eye of a casing which is caught in impeller blades and is then whirled tangentially. It is then radially pushed outwards so that it leaves completely

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through the circumferential parts of the impeller in diffuser part of the casing. The fluid advances with pressure and velocity using the impeller. In most of the cases a centrifugal fan is used to implement the vacuum cleaner. The diffuser section of the casing increases the pressure further. To understand this better we can imagine that the reverse functioning of the pump is similar to a water turbine which converts potential energy into rotational mechanical energy. Impeller Design As we have conversed earlier impeller is the most important part of a centrifugal pump. Quality impellers have been developed with the immense amount of analysis as well as putting hard efforts in the developmental work. Centrifugal pumps are swift to install and simpler to repair. About Ambica Machine Tools Ambica Machine Tools is a leading manufacturer supplier and trader of multiple centrifugal pumps. They use advanced technologies to meet the varied demands of centrifugal pumps in the market. Their pumps are highly useful in power stations laminate industries textile industries rubber industries chemical industries handing of hydrocarbons used in industries like fertilizers and water desalination plants. Website: http://www.ambicamachinetools.com Email: infoambicamachinetools.com

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