Working Principle of a Centrifugal Pump


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Centrifugal Pump is designed according to the principle of the centrifugal force. It is a pump that uses the high-speed rotating impeller to make the water move and realize the transportation of the water.


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All You Need to Know About Centrifugal Pumps A centrifugal pump can be defined as a special form of rot dynamic pump that uses a rotating impeller for raising the rate of the fluid. These pumps have been in use for a long time and over the years the designs in which they come have improved significantly. Centrifugal pumps are also some of the easiest ones to use as it does not require too much of technical knowledge on the part of the user to work with them. The main function of centrifugal pumps is to convert the electric energy of a motor into usable kinetic energy that causes pressure and forces the liquid to come out. The pump is comprised of two main components i.e. the impeller and the volute in which the change of energy takes place. Kinetic energy is directly converted into pressure in the volute which is an inactive part of the pumping device. The impeller on the other hand is the active revolving part that directly converts the driver energyinto kinetic energy. The centrifugal force is developed as the liquid travels into the pumping section and also the eye part of the impeller. As the impeller starts to revolve the liquid is instantly turned into centrifugal force that vanes outward. As this liquid moves out of the impeller it causes a low pressure area to develop that allows more liquid to come out easily.

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There are numerous different types of centrifugal pumps currently available in the market. These include single stage centrifugal pumps and multistage centrifugal pumps. They can also be classified based on their flow types i.e. radial flow axial flow and mixed flow. The pumps can also differ based on their individual capacities and sizes. While choosing centrifugal pumps for your own projects you must consider the pressure and volume requirements of the particular application for which you intend to use them. The material that is being pumped is also another thing that you need to take into consideration. Among the different types of items that can be pumped by using these pumps are oil fertilizers clear water and certain types of other chemicals. You will also have to check the requirement of horsepower when it comes to volume and discharge pressure. The best part about using these pumps for your pumping projects is that they can handle suspension efficiently and do not require high maintenance on the part of the user. Website: Email:

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