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Ambica Machine Tools offers an extensive range of Rotary pump and its equipment serving clients all throughout the world and various industrial sectors. It has a variety of rotary pumps that include rotary barrel pumps, rotary drum pumps and many more products.


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A Rotary Pump is a mechanical or electrical device that is used in various industrial settings for carrying out different purposes. They are frequently used for removing or siphoning out various contents present within a barrel or a drum. The Rotary Drum Pump is first fitted into the opening of a drum or barrel that is to be emptied or filled. The majority of the pumps that are currently available in the market are designed in a way so as to provide easy and safe transfer of different types of liquids, including those that are difficult to handle such as acids, bases and solvents.

Principle of the Rotary Pimp::

Principle of the Rotary Pimp: Pumping of the liquid with the help of rotating elements. The rotating elements can be gears, screws or vanes. A gear pumps rotating assembly consists of two gears, a driving gear and a driven gear. Pumping in a gear pump takes place when the driving gear meshes with the driven gear to form cavities that moves the fluid. The cavities are the clearances between the gears or lobes and the body of the pump. The mating surfaces of the gears' mesh provide continuous sealing between the inlet and outlet ports. As the rotation of the pump continues, the movement of the cavities progresses, thus moving the fluid along the way. After some time, a point is reached where the seal between the captured fluid and the outlet part of the pump is broken.


Usage of Rotary Pumps: :

Usage of Rotary Pumps: Acid Alkali Gasoline Diesel Oil Water Alcohol Chemicals

Applications for Rotary Pumps::

Applications for Rotary Pumps: Apartments Building commercial complexes, hotels, swimming pools, venturi system, heat exchangers RO System Power Plant Induction Furnace Application

Features of Rotary Pump::

Features of Rotary Pump: High performance Durable Superior efficiency

Contact US::

Contact US: Ambica Machine Tools Zaveri Ind. Estate, Kathwada – Singarva Road, Kathwada, Ahmedabad-382430. Gujarat, India. Contact No :  +(91)-(79)- 29700123 / 29704060 Mobile :  +(91)- 9328289287 Email :


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