Safety of the Crane While Using Single Girder EOT Crane

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Single girder EOT cranes are used for lightweight goods. Here are some safety for measures while using singles girder EOT crane like do not overload the lifting process, an operator cannot leave the control room, slings are ready before loading and pay attention to movement speed and move mode.


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Discover Safety Measures while using Singles Girder EOT Crane What is an EOT Crane Crane manufacturers in India have made several types of EOT cranes. These cranes are majorly used at construction sites and in industries. It has been operating by a control panel and can lift heavyweight as well as lightweight goods. Single girder EOT cranes are used for lightweight goods. These modern machines used with special lifting equipment reduce human effort and increases safety. The expansion of the applications are expanding and so is the development of the lifting equipment. Let us talk about the safety of the crane while using single girder EOT Crane. When the single girder EOT crane is used it should move smoothly and gradually keeping away from the abrupt development of load before lifting loads the leeway part of slings and hook ought to fix. Before lifting the hoist stay away from the heap swing. The crane should be at the highest point of the load. The crane should not be permitted to lift the heaps outside the district in light of swing. The crane should be vertical with the sling. While operating the single girder EOT Crane ensure that no one is nearby the lifting loads. Pay attention to movement speed and move mode. Do not overload the lifting process as the lifting process cannot be stopped in between unless there is any problem in the power supply. Ensure the slings are ready before loading. While operating the load or while lifting the heap an operator cannot leave the control room in between. If any rope loosens replace all of them if they do not meet the lifting requirement.

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When the crane hangs make sure all the slings are not loaded. Reason being the sling above the hook can cause potential danger if moved. The operator needs to be cautious about the magnet of the equipment. The load might fall if the magnet power is not rightly handed-down. Single girder EOT crane manufacturer ensures to provide information on how to operate the crane safely and master the operation method. The manufacturer will also train the operator on the same until they are qualified. Contact Details: Visit the website:

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