6 Instructions to Use EOT Crane

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EOT Crane is used to moving heavy materials during daily operations. Here 6 instruction to use EOT crane like check crane capacity, daily inspection, check loose parts, stop the crane completely in emergency, be ready for an emergency and Shutdown at the end.


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Understand the Safety Measures While Using EOT Cranes EOT Cranes are well-built machines used to lift heavy weight loads. Using such a robust crane needs expertise as it may cause serious accidents that may lead to casualty. The following article focuses on instruction and safety measures to avoid such accidents. Before that let us know the types of EOT Cranes- Types of Overhead Cranes Single Girder EOT Crane – It contains one bridge and is too light than the double girder. Single girder EOT crane manufacturers in India supply these cranes to those industries that use lightweight machinery. The electrical hoist the bridge and end beams are crucial parts of a single girder EOT crane. Double Girder EOT Crane - These types of cranes have used in industries during heavy load carrying work. These come with two bridges that give more power. To help heavy-duty operations one must be sure of its usefulness before buying a double girder crane. Safety measures for Overhead EOT crane 1. Before you start using the crane make sure it is in the right condition with appropriate lifting capacity. 2. Before loading ensure the weight inspect all the equipment and components that include the rope hoist slings etc. 3. Check the rigging hardware and other slings before they damage. Do not use if they look damaged bear softeners around sharp corners. Crane Company in India will provide you with everything you need. 4. Only one person should interact with the crane operator to avoid any confusion. The operator should become familiar with all the functionalities of the crane before lifting the load. 5. Make sure the load lift area is clear before you start lifting the load. There shouldn’t be any worker nearby and place the crane hoist in the middle to avoid swinging the goods. 6. Make sure that you are using unused slings. Do not drag the slings on the load. 7. Stand at a distance when the lifting starts. Inform people to stay away from the crane. 8. Keep your hands and fingers safe from being trapped while removing slack. Instructions for EOT crane operations by the crane manufacturers in India  Crane capacity– Know the load capacity of the crane. Do not overload the crane and report the condition of any damage with hoist brakes and lower the load smoothly if they show incapability.  Daily inspection– Inspection of the machine is necessary daily to keep the crane in good condition. Keep your ears to any unfamiliar sounds and complain instantly about the repair.  Loose parts– Remove any loose parts or accessories before lifting any load. The lifting of goods should be fixed properly in the hook to avoid any accidents if they fall.

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 Stop the crane completely – Crane operator should know when and how to stop the crane in an emergency. There is a disconnect switch on the crane that should be in a working condition.  Be ready for an emergency– Workers at the site should be prepared for any emergency that can take place electrically mechanically or due to power failures. They should know what the next step is and make sure all the cabs carry fire extinguishers.  Shutdown at the end– Ensure that you switch off all the necessary switches at the end of the day or once you have completed the operation. Remove the hooks of the crane and hoist them at the center. Contact Details: Visit the website: https://www.ambicaengineering.com https://www.facebook.com/ambicaengineering https://twitter.com/ambicacrane https://www.instagram.com/ambicaengineering

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