Gantry Cranes Design and Types

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1 Gantry cranes are basically used to lift heavy objects in various industries. They are built atop a gantry which is a work space where you can straddle an object. Gantry cranes are known as portal cranes referring portal to the empty space straddled by the gantry. Gantry cranes lift the load using a hoist that is connected on the horizontal beam or girder. The beam is supported by pillars at both sides and the hoist can carry objects from one end of the beam to another. The cranes are powered with wheels or rails that can help move it to different locations. There are various types of gantry cranes available out of which certain types are capable of lifting the heaviest loads while some types are used for tasks such as lifting engines out from vehicles. Here are the basic types of the gantry crane. Fixed Height Crane As the name suggests this type of gantry crane has a beam fixed at a specific height. The crane is capable to lift objects till particular height. This fixed height crane is usually equipped with wheels and can be moved in the work area.

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2 Adjustable Height In adjustable height type the support pillars of the beam have grooves on it. The horizontal beam can fit onto the grooves to adjust the reach ability of hoist to varying heights. They are also equipped with wheels and are used majorly in the construction industry. Single Girder Single girder cranes are mostly used to lift objects in small manufacturing plants and warehouses. In single girder crane the girder is fastened on the support pillar and the height of the hoist is lower than that in double girder crane type. There are lateral braces present here for strength. Double Girder Double girder cranes are often used in large industries to carry hefty objects. Here there are two horizontal beams or girder with hoist attached in between the two beams. However in single girder the hoist is attached under the beam. Rail Mounted This gantry crane type is majorly used in shipping steelyards and locomotive industry. In this type rails are present on the ground and the hoist is mounted overhead. It is mostly powered by electricity or crane. Cantilever Crane In this type there is more than one girder. Apart from the horizontal girder there are girders on one or both sides that run cross ways on the horizontal beam. Website: Email:

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