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Ambica Engineering is a leading Jib Crane manufacturer. They provide cranes with excellent performance, natural load handling, higher safety and advantageous dimensions.


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A Brief Look at The Unique Features of Jib Cranes Whether it is a small or a large civil engineering project cranes are often used with them to handle different kinds of lifting requirements. Among the various types of cranes that are used in construction and engineering projects a jib crane is one of the most important types. So let’s have a look at the different features of jib cranes and see how they can be useful to us. A jib crane can be defined as a crane that has a mounted arm which is used for lifting lowering and moving materials. This arm is mounted at an acute angle from a base or in a perpendicular way from a pillar or wall. The arm can rotate along central axis for limited arc or a full circle. The cranes are commonly used in places like warehouses and docks for the purpose of uploading and unloading large shipping containers.

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The main reason for which jib cranes are so widely used in the industrial construction and engineering sectors is that they offer a distinct mechanical advantage over other types of cranes. This mechanical advantage actually refers to the fact that jib cranes can work like a pulley and multiply the force that is exerted on the machine by some given factor. In modern jib crane machines a robust metal cable remains wrapped around jib strut ends and the end part of the hoist frequently stays connected to a hook or electromagnet. The other end stays connected to some metallic winch. Once the winch is activated the pulley exerts a lifting force which is equal to that which is applied by metallic winch. In a jib crane the hoist can easily move outwards or inwards along its jib length which allows for better ease and flexibility of motion. Unlike certain other types of cranes this type of cranes is not restricted to some fixed location. This can be mounted on some movable chassis which can then be used for various military operations or any other kind of temporary works. Cranes like these usually focus on mobility instead of lifting capacity. There are different types of jib cranes

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available in the market such as free standing cranes wall mounted cranes wall bracket cranes and mast style cranes. So if you are looking to buy these cranes you can get in touch with a reputed jib crane India Company that can offer you the best quality models. Website: www.ambicaengineering.com Email: infoambicaengineering.com www.facebook.com/ambicaengineering www.twitter.com/ambicacrane www.plus.google.com/+Ambicaengineeringcompany www.pinterest.com/ambicaeng

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