Different Features of Goliath Crane and Advantages of Using Them


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A Goliath crane also known as gantry crane. It is used in different types of building projects. These are considered to be cost effective options when one needs to lift and move extremely heavy objects. These types of cranes with flexible spans and heights are available at Ambica Engineering.


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Different Features of Gantry Cranes and Benefits of Using Them A gantry crane also known as goliath crane is a type of self-supported crane that is used in different types of building projects. They are extensively used in construction sites granite industry shipping yards scrap yards ports container handling and in the ship building industry. The principal reason for using them is that they offer economic means to lift heavy weights and can be used as a replacement for certain types of overhead cranes. Since gantry cranes are constructed in a way that they operate on the ground one does not require a runway structure which can help in saving on concrete foundations. It is also quite easy to install a gantry crane and run all associated operations with it.

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Whether mobile or mounted it is quite easy to assemble and disassemble a gantry crane. These cranes are usually available in aluminum steel or in any other lightweight material along with flexible spans and heights. Mainly the gantry cranes are divided into three different types namely portable gantry cranes adjustable gantry cranes and the motor driven gantry cranes. Of these three types the portable and adjustable gantry cranes are operated manually. Each of these three types are used extensively in the industrial sectors as they are all equally productive and come with a range of useful features. While buying gantry cranes it is important to take into consideration the builder and the reputation of the brand itself as not every company may produce the best products. The size of the crane and the space available for it is another consideration that needs to be made. However browsing the products offered by different brands certainly offer greater choices while buying the final product. Moreover a gantry crane can have numerous features and flexible options hence the user should keep his specific interests and needs in mind while getting them. w w w . f acebook.c om/ amb i c ae ng i ne eri ng w w w . tw i t t er .c o m/ amb i c acr ane www.plus.google.com/+Ambicaengineeringcompany www.pinterest.com/ambicaeng

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