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MySitePlan explains how getting a floor plan in 3D can make it easier to plan out and organize a space that includes a loft.


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How a Floor Plan in 3D Can Help You Organize a Space with a Loft Finding a house or an apartment with a loft is like getting a bonus room with seemingly endless possibilities. Maybe it could work as your own personal gym. Or a game room. Or an office. With the right planning you might even be able to turn it into an extra bedroom. But how do you know exactly how it’s going to interact with the rest of the space Precisely how much privacy will it provide How will noise travel from the loft to other parts of the space – and vice versa Unfortunately traditional 2D floor plans won’t be able to provide much insight into these questions. Because when you use them a loft basically just looks like it’s a part of the first floor. There’s no real sense of the separation and how that’s going to impact your living situation. What you need is a floor plan in 3D. How is this type of floor plan more helpful for places with lofts You get a better sense of the height. The height of your loft space will greatly impact visibility from the lower/main floor and how easily noise travels back and forth.

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If the loft is only raised up a few feet you’re much more likely to want to invest in some kind of privacy screen or separator – especially if the loft space may be used as a bedroom. However if the space is essentially a second floor you might be able to get away with creative layout that protects privacy. You can block people out. With a floor plan in 3D you can get a better sense of exactly how much someone from the first floor will be able to see into the loft space. If there is minimal visibility it might be possible to eschew traditional separators and privacy screens. Instead you can simply organize the space so people are only able to see furniture and other items that do not require privacy. For example a work desk or a treadmill placed in the “visible area” could actually work to shield other parts of the room – like where the bed is. Or you can draw people in. Alternatively you could organize the loft specifically to allow people to see certain things and draw them upstairs. This would be particularly useful for a loft that doubles as a game room or entertainment center. Simply put the “toys” in full view of the main room downstairs and visitors will be enticed to come up. Bottom line Whatever your goals for the space getting a floor plan in 3D from MySitePlan can help you make sure that they’re viable before you go through with them.

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