Royal Holiday timeshare scam and how qui

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Royal Holiday timeshare scam and the solution to quit:

Royal Holiday timeshare scam and the solution to quit Dont invest in timeshare field with royal holiday , they are scammers.  When I tried to reserve a vacation I discovered that I have to wait 40-45 days before I reserve a vacation to see if any hotel has a vacancy and then I can go. Meaning that if I want to go to Cancun I have to wait until there is any vacancy and I can't find then the expiration date end and I can't go any more. Also when you are working you can't take vacation whenever you want. A warning to those looking to buy at Royal Holiday: Make sure everything the salesperson says that makes the purchase sound appealing is written down, signed and dated by the salesperson. If it sounds too good to be true, or sounds like this would make a "great investment" and "pay for itself over time".... get it in writing. They didn´t want to accept my cancellation , I bought the membership like 6 years ago and I couldn´t afford it anymore because the maintenance fees make impossible to do it. Then I try to donate the timeshare but it was impossible. Worst decision ever, I never imagined how complicated this will be. I hired a company to cancel my timeshare they are called Mexican Timeshare Solutions, luckily they managed to help me and I have no longer any timeshare with Royal Holiday. Royal holiday was a such waste of time and money , for own experience please dont get involved, dont assit to their timeshare presentations the salespeople is so agressive i f you dont access to buy something with them , just stay away from royal holiday

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