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ARIZONA STATE NOOBS Student Resources! Alec Mazzotti

Student Resources:

Student Resources Need Info on Patents? What about grammar? Have a need for speed? Feelin Ill on the job?

Legal and Law Information:

Legal and Law Information How can I protect my work? How can I use my logo? What name can I use? What type of business will be best? Patent Trademark Tradename Business

Writing Center:

Writing Center Not a good speller? Need more “hmph” to your essay? Organize and structure a paper Explore, plan, and develop ideas Write, revise, edit, and proofread Integrate and cite sources

Student Recreation Complex:

Student Recreation Complex Want to loose weight or build muscle, or maybe both!? Check out cardio and weight equiptment! Cardio with Television Olympic Pool Cardio classes Raquet Ball Court Tennis Court Basketball Court Health Bar Rent Equipment

Health Services:

Health Services Feeling sick and can’t study? Our campus offers a host of services!

Still feeling "ughh" ? :

Still feeling "ughh" ? Rest Assured!

Counseling Center :

Counseling Center Information overload? Roomate driving you insane? Homesick? Not sure college is helping you?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Take Note, Don’t be a Jamoke! ASU offers so much for students so take advantage of it!

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