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" F AT Today F IT Tomorrow " Don't worry if you are fat or thin, if you would regularly visit the gym then you will surely fit tomorrow. Source Of :-

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" B etter S ore T han S orr y " B etter t o t ake t han f eeling s orry f or y ourself, t hink a bout i t i f y ou a re w orried a bout t he P ain Source Of :-

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"I Don't Stop When I 'm Tired, I Stop When I 'm Done " This is the great mentality of a person who is actually dedicated to his work or task . Source Of :- ------------------ ------------------

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" N o D ays O ff " It says a gym quote that motivates you to never skip the gym and be regular. Source Of :- ------------------ ------------------

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F it is not a Destination it is a way of Life ------------------ Staying fit should be a daily habit in life not the end d estination. S ource Of :- ------------------

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Do It Now, Sometimes Later Becomes Never Next becomes never. So, never transfer your work on to tomorrow, complete it today Source Of :- ------------------ ------------------

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A One Hour Workout Is 4% Of Your Day No E xcuses ------------------ Menace It is not a task that will waste your time or energy, in fact the energy and time will be applied to make yourself fit and fine . Source Of :-

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Cheat On Your Girlfriend But Do Not Cheat On Your Workout After all it takes a lot of hard work to get a great body . Source Of :- *********** ------------------

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G et F it I n T he G ym L ose W eight I n T he K itchen. *********** T he P oster H ere i s A M otivational C atalyst F or A ll T he G ym f reaks . Source Of :-

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I t D oesn't G et E asier Y ou J ust G et B etter ------------------ Things never get simple everything relies on upon You Source Of :- ------------------

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