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Do's and Don'ts :

Do's and Don'ts While Making a Camping Trip in Rishikesh

Camping Trip in Rishikesh:

Camping Trip in Rishikesh Rishikesh is one of the top location for extreme adventurous activities in North India. People from all over the countries and even international tourists come here to enjoy multiple activities in this natural paradise surrounded by mountains and rivers all along. Many mountain tracks, camping sites and rafting are available that are always packed with enthusiastic tourists year round. Here are few of the important Do's and Don't that you must follow if you are going for  Camping in Rishikesh .


Do's  Use checklist to pre-arrange the whole activities for making sure all things are packed from the beginning itself. Carrying a geographical map of the area for suitable directions. Try to work and hike in groups keeping the accompanied travellers informed about the treks. Make sure you have the insect repellent with you all the time. Food arrangements needs to be planned early with complete information to the whole group


Do's If permit is required from the local authorities than one must take the responsibly for acquiring for it. Camping in hilly areas during summer can make you dehydrated for which accompanying water bottles are must. Dress suitably as per the seasonal temperature as nights will be cold even in summer. Layer wise clothing is recommended. Must carry small first aid box in case of any health issues that might arise with testing conditions . Sunscreen, flashlight, solar charger, additional batteries, extra plastic bags, toilet paper, matches and smaller accessories checklist are the responsibility of individuals only. Always listen to the instructors as they have the most suitable information on the local areas. Check the weather pattern to avoid any natural disruptions


Don'ts Avoid all tight clothing Don't leave the food in natural areas and never try to feed them to wildlife Don't go wandering off in the camp side areas alone Never leave the kids unattended in these areas Avoid running in mountain treks Never set the camping tent in the dark Don't enter in any private areas or go wrong path in wilderness experience Campfire needs to put off as you move or go to sleep Use dustbins or separate plastic bags for empty cans, bottles or any garbage for keeping the natural area clean always.


Safety and security is one of the prime concern as one goes for camping for which all our tours are highly planned, scheduled and pre-arranged to offer an unmatchable experience in the wilderness of this incredible Rishikesh .

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