Need of Wheel Alignment for Your BMW

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There is always the need for wheel alignment in cars as it helps to drive properly. There are various signs of a bad wheel alignment such as pulling of the car, vibrating steering wheel, squealing tires, and uneven tire wear. See the mentioned slideshow to know more about the need of wheel alignment for your BMW.


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Need of Wheel Alignment for Your BMW


Proper wheel alignment is an essential factor in ensuring that your BMW’s ride is safe and smooth.


Many people forget to complete regular checks and if the roads in your area are not in the greatest condition, it can easily throw off alignment.


It’s not uncommon for car owners to simply suffer the problems associated with a poor alignment that leads to an expensive repair bill.


So, it is better to know when to do a check of the wheel alignment of your BMW.


Pulling of car


While traveling down a straight, if you have to keep slight pressure on the steering wheel to keep it going straight, then you know you have an alignment problem.


Passive pulling is when the BMW gently drifts in one direction or another.


Vibrating steering wheel


If your BMW’s steering wheel is vibrating the chances are that this is due to an improper alignment causing the wheels to pull against one another.


In the worst case scenarios this can make the entire car shake, which can be felt in the passenger and rear seats of the car.


Loose steering Wheel


If your steering feels a little loose or if you are turning the wheel with very little tire movement the chances are you have some kind of alignment issue.


One of the possible issue, however, is the power steering, which you may want to get checked out along with ensuring the wheels are properly aligned.


Squealing tires


The camber and toe settings are responsible for each wheel alignment in respect of the ground and the other wheels on the car.


If one of these strays out of the normal position this can cause adverse friction leading to all kinds of strange noises, squealing and all kinds of noises coming off the wheels.


Uneven tire wear


Tire wear patterns can often act as the canary in the coal mine when it comes to problems with the alignment of your wheels.


Check the depth of the tread on either side of your BMW’s tires, if one side appears to be more worn than the other then the chances are there’s an alignment problem.

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