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Louise Bennett:

Louise Bennett By: Rachel Smith

Famous Poems:

Famous Poems


Biography Louise Bennett was born on September 7,1919 in Kingston, Jamaica,W.I. She was and still is a “living legend” and cultural icon of Jamaica. She is recognized for comedy through her poems and folk songs. She in known as “Ms. Lou” She turned the Jamaican dialect (patios) to art which is accepted by all of Jamaica

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She spent 10 years of her life in Toronto,Canada . Louise Bennett died on July 26,2006 She was and still is Jamaica’s leading comedian

Poem in Patios: Scandal:

Poem in Patios: Scandal (Some wallow eena scandal like hog eena dutty water.) De same smaddy yuh hear-so from Gwine spread hear-so pon yuh! An dem-deh weh yuh hear-so bout Gwine hear-so bout yuh to! For hear-so no got no bridle! All dem rumour weh dah fly Spring form idleness and grudgefulness An plenty time is lie! So pudung carry-go-bring-come, Hear-so, hear-seh, seh-seh, susu! For yu carpas qwine be hot When kas-kas tumble dung pon yuh! Ay Ya Yie!

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