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Let’s learn English. : 

Let’s learn English. Pupil’s Book 3

Myself : 

Myself Unit - 1 S S.G. Samanpriya

Myself : 


Slide 4: 

Hello ! I’m Meena.

Slide 5: 

Hello ! I’m Nizar.

Slide 6: 

Hello ! I’m Kusum.

Slide 7: 

Hello ! I’m Kandu.

Slide 8: 

Hello ! I’m Pancha.

Slide 9: 

I’m Ruwan I’m Ruwan I’m Ruwan What’s your name ?

Slide 10: 

I’m Nizar I’m Nizar I’m Nizar That’s my name.

Slide 11: 

I’m Kusum I’m Kusum I’m Kusum What’s your name ?

Slide 12: 

I’m Meena I’m Meena I’m Meena That’s my name.

Slide 13: 

I’m Pancha I’m Pancha I’m Pancha What’s your name ?

Slide 14: 

I’m Kandu I’m Kandu I’m Kandu That’s my name.

Slide 15: 

I’m one. 1

Slide 16: 

I’m two 2

Slide 17: 

I’m three 3

Slide 18: 

I ’ m four. 4

Slide 19: 

I’m five. 5

Slide 20: 

I’m six. 6

Slide 21: 

I’m seven. 7

Slide 22: 

I’m eight. 8

Slide 23: 

I’m nine. 9

Slide 24: 

I’m ten. 10

Good morning. : 

Good morning.

Slide 26: 

Good after noon

Slide 27: 

Good evening

Slide 28: 

Good night.

Slide 29: 

Good bye. Good bye.

Slide 30: 

Good morning to you, Good morning to you, Good morning dear Ruwan Good morning to you,

Good night Meena. : 

Good night Meena. Good night mother.

nose : 


mouth : 


legs : 


eyes : 


ears : 


head : 


shoulders : 


My mouth : 

My mouth

My head : 

My head

My legs : 

My legs

My nose : 

My nose

My ears : 

My ears

Slide 44: 

Sing Clap run

Slide 45: 

Jump Read write

Slide 46: 

Write Colour Fold Cut Draw

Slide 47: 

This is my brother. This is my father. This is my sister. This is my mother.

How many brothers do you have? : 

How many brothers do you have? I have three brothers.

How many sisters do you? : 

How many sisters do you? I have two sisters.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday Meena. Happy birthday. I’m Meena. I’m nine years old.

Slide 51: 

One little, two little three little candles. four little, five little six little candles. seven little eight little nine little candles. nine little candles on Meena’s cake..

What would you like? : 

What would you like? I’d like a balloon. I’d like a dog. I’d like a doll. I’d like a teddy. I’d like a book.

Slide 53: 

I’d like a bicycle. I’d like a ball. I’d like a bat. I’d like a kite. I’d like a car.

Listen and sing. : 

Listen and sing. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Meena. Happy birthday to you.

Make a birthday card. : 

Make a birthday card. 1. paper 2. fold 3. draw Thank you.

Look find and repeat. : 

Look find and repeat. I like apple. I like banana. I like cake. I like ice-cream. I like toffee. I like orange juice.


KEEP OUR SCHOOL CLEAN. I like blue I like red I like green I like yellow

Do you have a pet? : 

Do you have a pet? I have a dog. I have a cow. I have a rabbit. I have a fish. I have a parrot. I have a cat.

Make abadge. : 

Make abadge. You need…. To draw and colour. Paper String Pencils A pair of scissors. To cut

Let’s go to my little zoo. : 

Let’s go to my little zoo. Welcome to my little zoo. Come see the animals I have for you! I have a cat a furry cat. I have dog , a friendly dog. I have a cow, a happy cow. I have a fish, a tiny fish. I have a rabbit, a To cut fluffy rabbit.

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