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Presentation On Antimanic drugs By: Amanpreet singh B.Pharmacy 5 th sem 104942539035

Lithium carbonate:

Lithium carbonate Lithium exerts beneficial effects in manic patients Suppress mania and exert prophylactic effects Given in doses which have no overt CNS effects

Actions and mechanism:

Actions and mechanism ON CNS : Acts as mood stabilizing drug Given to paitents in acute mania Gradually suppresses the episodes taking 1-2 weeks Continued treatment prevents cyclic mood changes

Mechanism :

Mechanism Lithium inhibits hydrolysis of inositol-1-phosphate Supply of IP3 and DAG reduced Hyperactive neurons get affected This dampens the signal transduction

Pharmacokinetics :

Pharmacokinetics Absorption rate is slow Distribution : 1 st in cells and then goes to CNS then throughout the body Not metabolized in body and neither protein bound Excretion through kidneys and t 1/2 is 16-30 hours

Adverse effects:

Adverse effects Nausea, vomiting and mild diarrhoea Thirst and polyuria Fine tremors and rarely seizures Long term use, renal diabetes insipidus and goiter It is contraindicated during pregnancy


USES IN ACUTE MANIA : used as neuroleptic Given by i.m route along with potent BZD IN BIPOLAR DISORDER: Its plasma concentration is maintained b/w 0.5-0.8 mEq/L IN recurrent neuropsychiatric illness

Interactions :

Interactions Diuretics like thiazide e.g Tetracylins, NSAIDs and ACE inhibitors Enhance insulins in body

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