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Teaching Devices for Increasing Student Learning From Lectures:

Teaching Devices for Increasing Student Learning From Lectures -Amanda Salloum

Simply Slow Down:

Simply Slow Down Students with learning disabilities have complained that their instructors lecture too quickly Students can only retain so much information within a statement. The amount of information (information density) should be kept low during lectures 2 ways to help students with disabilities with this problem 1-Videotape your lecture and adjust 2-Just simply slow down

Pause Procedure:

Pause Procedure Students become overwhelmed when they cannot keep up Pause Procedure helps students with this Pause procedure assists with immediate recall of lecture Segmenting lectures is a good way to use this technique

Solicit Student’s Examples:

Solicit Student’s Examples With this technique  Use concrete examples from student’s life This helps make a connection to the lesson in the classroom Example: Cycles of Change in Science Students relate to cycles in life

Explicitly Teach the Big Ideas :

Explicitly Teach the Big Ideas Teaching Big Ideas is crucial for our ELN students Big Ideas are also called Common Themes Focus on core concepts not isolated facts -Avoid ELN learners falling behind

Provide a Plethora of Examples :

Provide a Plethora of Examples ELN learners need many examples Examples required depend on 4 examples 1-Variations 2-Making sure nonessential attributes are not mistaken for essential attributes 3-Number of examples needed 4-Number of ways a concept can be applied

Roleplay Difficult Content :

Roleplay Difficult Content Make the invisible visible Have your ELN students act it out -Skits This technique leads to: -Less Confusion -Memory activation

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