Combating different chronic back pains with orthopedic mattresses


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Combating different chronic back pains with orthopedic mattresses Almost about 1/3rd of your life is spent snoozing on the bed. That’s definitely quite a proportion of life getting contributed to sleep. Sleeping is never a waste of time. It is a ritual that one must dedicatedly practice. But most often out of every five people at least three of them find it difficult to sleep in the night. The reasons could be many. Factors like a noisy surrounding uncomfortable mattress stress back pain and insomnia are the popular reasons why most of us are haunted even by the thought of sleep deprivation. The back pain is the growing concern among the mid-aged generation of today and they have been well facing the

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negative effect on the quantity and quality of their sleep. It’s an affliction that has spurred the mattress industry to create a rather lucrative niche for themselves. There are literally hundreds of different types of mattresses all of which vie for the top position. Though people normally experience back pains they should never be treated as a natural occurrence in our daily lives. Back pains can range from mild to severe. And we will never know unless we are assessed by a professional. It is important to know the type of back pain that you are experiencing. It is necessary so that you will know what to expect and the prompt treatment that you can do. Different mattresses with specially built construction help in reducing back problems and symptoms. • People suffering from Lumbar Disc Problem may have symptoms like shooting pain in legs or foot followed by numbness. In such a situation you may opt for a firm mattress as a soft mattress will make sleep difficult for lumbar patients. • Spinal Stenosis symptoms include the cramping and numbness of the back legs neck arms and shoulders. In such a case one must look for a slightly softer mattress because their bodies tend to function well in a flexed or loose position. • Those with lower back pain should sleep lying on their back with a pillow under their knees. This will help them relieve pressure from the lower back. A medium firm mattress is considered ideal for every sleeping position and for anyone with back pain.

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The one component of the best mattress for back pain is that its back support lies in its foundation or box spring. The box spring is responsible for absorbing weight on the mattress. Hence box spring is important because they are designed to work together with the other compositions of the mattress. A mismatched set of box spring and other mattress materials may negatively affect your body and the support the mattress provides. Of course even the most comfortable mattress in India that works best for one person may not work at all for another and that’s especially true when it comes to back pain. No single mattress style can fit all but people with any kind of back pain must look for features like support comfort and ultimately a good night’s sleep. A fine orthopedic mattress is the one that strikes a balance between comfort and support. You need to be comfortable while at sleep. There are sleeping pads that you can purchase separately to add additional support to your mattress. Also buying a firm mattress with thicker padding can make it more comfortable. Don’t wait until your old mattress is worn out and tattered. Get a new one when yours is no longer providing your spinal column the comfort it deserves or if it’s already sagging. Never ask for the cheapest mattress because a good quality mattress can last you some ten odd years so invest some money in it. For more information visit - orthopedic-mattress-for-back-pain

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