Prepositions and its types

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Prepositions :

Prepositions By:- Jyoti Shekhar

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Preposition is a word which explains the relation between a noun or a pronoun with the object of a sentence. Prepositions are of three types: Simple prepositions Compound prepositions; and Phrasal preposition Preposition and its types

Preposition and its types:

Preposition and its types Simple preposition : these are simple positioning words. for example: in, of, out, with etc. Compound preposition : these are formed by prefixing a preposition to a verb, adverb or conjunction. For example: inside, within, along, among etc. Phrasal preposition : they are a group of words used with the force of a single preposition. For example: in addition to, in lieu of, in comparison to etc.

Preposition as relation words:

Preposition as relation words

Preposition as relation words:

Preposition as relation words Preposition of manner: The soldier fought the battle with courage. Preposition of place: She ran across the road Preposition of time: Kindly wait till I return. Preposition of reason: She died of malaria. Preposition of inference or source: I cut fruits with a knife. Preposition of movement: Let us walk towards the sea. Preposition of possession: Tokyo is the capital of Japan. Preposition of measure: The banks pays interest at five percent.

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