Articles and their usage

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Articles and their usage:

A rticles and their usage By:- Jyoti Shekhar

Articles :

Articles Articles are adjectives, ‘a’, ’an’ and ‘the’ that tell us about the noun that they precede.

Indefinite articles:

Indefinite articles Article: A It is used before a consonant sound. For example: A euro A yak A house A field A book Article: An It is used before a vowel sound. For example: An apple An hour An MP An inkpot An orange

Definite article:

Definite article Article: The It is used to indicate the definiteness of a given noun.

Usage of definite article:

Usage of definite article Before a particular person or thing. Example: the man we met yesterday has won the prize. Before ordinals used as adjectives. For example: open the third chapter of your book. Before a singular noun when it is used to represent a whole class. The rose is a kind of flower.

Usage of definite article:

Before the superlative form of adjectives. For ex.: I am the tallest boy in the class Before geographical features. The Sahara desert. Before a word to give emphasis. For ex.: It was the day of my life. Before names of buildings, hotels, monuments and museums. The taj mahal. Usage of definite article

Usage of definite article:

Usage of definite article Before names of musical instruments when we talk of playing them. He played the flute. Before names that contain ‘of’. The great wall of china. Before adjectives when they are used to represent a particular class. The rich and the poor. Before the things that are one of its kind. The earth.

Zero article:

Zero article Zero article means that no article is needed to be used.

Usage of zero article:

Usage of zero article Before uncountable nouns when they are used in general sense. Honesty is the best policy. Before plural countable nouns when they are used in general sense. Apples are good for health Before names of continents, streets, cities etc. Asia is the largest continent.

Usage of zero article:

Before languages and branches of knowledge. He taught us biology. Before names of singular mountains and islands. Mount Everest is the highest mountain. Before names of meals. We invited her for dinner. Before names of days, months and seasons. Today is Monday. Usage of zero article

Usage of zero article:

Before school, college, hospital, office, church, bed when they are referred to or used for their normal activity. I learnt French at school . Before the words home and work when they are placed directly after verb of motion. He went to work after lunch. Before names of important buildings starting with the name of a person. This is Buckingham palace . Usage of zero article

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